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    Blog posts of '2024' 'January'

    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Working Principle
    The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an essential tool for fault location and performance evaluation in optical fiber networks. This article, sisco will provide a detailed explanation of the working principles of OTDR, including the basic principles, measurement principles, and data analysis principles.
    Measuring Tape Working Principle
    A measuring tape is a common measuring tool, and its working principle involves using the scale on the tape and the length of the tape to measure dimensions such as length, width, and height of objects. While using a measuring tape is convenient, its working principle is not as simple. Below, Sisco will explore the working principle of a measuring tape from the perspectives of mechanical principles, material science, and mathematics.
    Measuring Tape Selection Guide
    The measuring tape is one of the commonly used measuring tools in our daily lives. Whether for home renovations, construction projects, or crafting, a measuring tape is essential for dimension measurements. However, with numerous brands and models available in the market, the choices can be overwhelming. In this article, Sisco will guide you on how to select and purchase a measuring tape that suits your needs.
    How to Use a Measuring Tape?
    A measuring tape is a common measuring tool primarily used to measure the dimensions of objects, including length, width, and depth. Widely employed in various fields such as engineering, construction, and home improvement, the measuring tape is essential for diverse measurement tasks. In this article, sisco will explore the usage and readings of the measuring tape to assist readers in employing it correctly and accurately for measurements.
    Sound Level Meter Price List
    A sound level meter (SLM) is an instrument (usually hand-held) used to measure sound levels in a standardized manner. It responds to sound in much the same way as the human ear and can objectively measure sound pressure levels.A sound level meter is an instrument used to measure the intensity of sound, and it is important in many different fields and applications. The machine manufacturing industry has taken the noise as one of the important quality indicators of the product, auditoriums and gymnasiums, and other buildings do not only require the shape of the beautiful but also the pursuit of acoustics, all of which makes the sound level meter is more and more widely used. The buildings such as auditoriums and gymnasiums not only require beautiful shapes but also pursue acoustic effects, which make the application of sound level meters more and more widely.
    Phase Tester Price List
    Phase Testers, also known as Phase Sequence Testers or Phase Rotation Testers, are electrical testing devices used to determine the phase sequence (order) and phase rotation (direction) of the voltage in a three-phase electrical system. Phase rotation and sequence are critical factors in ensuring the proper and safe operation of motors, machinery, and electrical equipment in three-phase systems.