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    Nuclear Radiation Detectors

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    Handheld Nuclear Radiation Detector

    Handheld Nuclear Radiation Detector

    High-sensitivity handheld radiation meter for sale online. The personal dosimeter can monitor X, r and hard β ray, the energy range of the personal dosimeter between 30 keV and 1.5 MeV. A portable radiation meter can display the dose rate and cumulative dose, and monitor and alarm the three-digit data of radiation time average at the same time.
    Nuclear Radiation Detector with Geiger Counter

    Nuclear Radiation Detector with Geiger Counter

    SISCO electromagnetic radiation detector with geiger muller counter for sale online. Nuclear radiation geiger counter can detect X-rays and γ-rays. The accuracy of measurement can be controlled within 15 percent. Operating temperature of portable geiger counter between 0 ℃ and 50 ℃. The user interface of the electromagnetic radiation detector is small and portable, concise, and easy to use, small and portable.
    Personal Nuclear Radiation Detector

    Personal Nuclear Radiation Detector

    Personal nuclear radiation meter for sale online which can monitor X, r and hard β ray, supports the dual-language interface, and the energy range of the personal dosimeter between 50 keV and 1.5 MeV. Electromagnetic nuclear radiation detectors are widely used in nuclear power plants, accelerators, iron industry.
    Portable Nuclear Radiation Meter

    Portable Nuclear Radiation Meter

    Portable nuclear radiation meter is a highly accurate and easy-to-carry device for monitoring X, r and β-rays. With an energy range of 0.08uSv/h ~ 9999μSv/h, the handle nuclear radiation meter is used for rapid detection of radiation levels in the environment. Its sensitive meter and advanced technology ensure accurate measurements, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and operate.

    A nuclear radiation detector is a device that measures radiation levels for early warning and general monitoring systems in REMs which can not only alarm but also clearly show the radiation dose value of the current site.

    SISCO provides three types of nuclear radiation detector which determines that nuclear radiation detector can not only detect nuclear radiation but also detect X, γ, β ray and so on. They are portable Geiger counters, personal nuclear radiation detectors and handheld nuclear radiation detector.

    Radiation detectors are widely used in police, fire departments, environmental organizations, metal recycling companies, ports, airports, ceramics factories, research institutes, laboratories, etc.