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    PVC Pipe Blockage Detector, 20m

    PVC Pipe Blockage Detector, 20m

    PVC pipe blockage detectors are widely used in many fields, including but not limited to construction, municipal engineering, environmental protection, industrial production, and urban water supply systems. This 20m long tube lamp of the PVC water pipe detector has a high working frequency of 300Hz, which can help you quickly find the location of the pipe blockage location. It will automatically cut off the power after 30 minutes of standby to protect the battery for longer durability.
    PVC Underground Pipe Detector, 30m

    PVC Underground Pipe Detector, 30m

    SISCO PVC underground pipe detector has automatic shutdown and low battery alarm functions, no need to worry about power problems. The buried PVC pipe locator adopts an ergonomic design and a non-slip handle, which is easy to operate and equipped with headphones, making it easier to detect blockage problems. 5 signal indicators are equipped with a rotary adjustment button to achieve accurate detection.
    Wall Pipe Blockage Detector, 35m

    Wall Pipe Blockage Detector, 35m

    SISCO wall pipe blockage detector is a powerful tool for quickly locating blockage points and is widely used in the construction and household industries. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the pipe locator is suitable for water pipes, floor heating pipes, and dry and wet pipes. Equipped with a 35m signal wire, the rotating storage eliminates the tedious carrying, is easy to retract, and makes measurement more convenient.
    Water Pipe Blockage Detector for PVC/Plastic, 40m

    Water Pipe Blockage Detector for PVC/Plastic, 40m

    The water pipe blockage detector for PVC/plastic is equipped with a welding-free probe and 502 glue for quick replacement. Its tube lamp is up to 40m long and has a maximum detection depth of 40cm. The underfloor pipe detector has strong penetration and can deeply check pipe blockage problems. The one-piece body can be rotated and retracted, making it very convenient to carry and operate.
    Water Pipe Blockage Detector, 25m

    Water Pipe Blockage Detector, 25m

    SISCO water pipe blockage detector has a maximum detection depth of 50cm and an accuracy of ±5cm. The sewer pipe locator can also conduct deep detection based on precise positioning to avoid large-scale maintenance. It can be charged with a 5V 1A charger and a Typ-C adapter. Equipped with a 2000mAh large-capacity battery, there is no need to worry about insufficient power.

    The pipe detector is a device used to detect and locate blockages inside pipelines. It can quickly find the location of the blockage without damaging the pipeline, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy, and reducing unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore, drain pipe locator is widely used in construction, maintenance, and overhaul, and has become an indispensable part of modern construction and maintenance. With the continuous advancement of technology, the future pipe locator will have greater development space in terms of intelligence and multi-functions, and better serve various pipeline-related engineering projects.

    Pipe Detector Working Process
    Plastic pipe locator usually uses the principle of radio transmission and reception and can be used for measurement in different pipe materials (such as iron pipes, PVC pipes, etc.). The core is to detect the location of pipeline blockage through signal transmission between the transmitter and the receiver.

    Pipe detector working

    • Radio Transmission and Reception of Electromagnetic Signals
      During use, first put the signal transmission line and the transmitter into the pipeline to be tested until the signal line can no longer move forward. Then, turning on the power of the signal generator, the transmitter sends a signal and detects along the direction of the pipeline through the signal receiver. When the receiver approaches the blockage point inside the pipeline, it will send out obvious signals, such as changes in sound or light, to accurately locate the blockage position.
    • Signal Reception and Analysis
      The signal receiver is usually equipped with an indicator light and sound feedback. The operator can judge the distance between the receiver and the blockage point according to the brightness of the indicator light or the size of the sound. Some advanced sewer pipe locators also have a digital display function that can directly display the exact location of the blockage point.

    Application of Pipeline Blockage Detector
    Overall, copper pipe detector has broad application prospects in various fields. Whether in industrial production, construction engineering, or aerospace, plumbing pipe locators can provide effective monitoring means to help enterprises and engineers better manage and maintain pipeline systems and ensure the safety and efficiency of production and operation.

    • Industrial Application
      In the industrial field, an underground PVC pipe locator is mainly used to monitor and detect the flow of solid materials in various pipelines, such as metallurgy, electricity, chemical industry, building materials processing, and other industries. In these industries, material blockage in the pipeline will lead to production stagnation and cause huge economic losses. The wall pipe locator can monitor the flow state in the pipeline in real time. Once blockage occurs, measures can be taken immediately to clear it, ensuring the continuity and safety of production.
    • Construction Engineering
      In construction engineering, drain pipe locator also plays an important role. Especially in the process of construction, pre-laid PVC pipes, iron pipes, or cement pipes are often blocked due to sand, ash, waste garbage discharge, stones, and other reasons, resulting in an inability to use them normally. Using a pipe blockage detector can quickly find the blockage location, avoid blind demolition, and save time and cost.
    • Aerospace
      In the aerospace field, detecting pipes under floorboards also plays an important role. For example, such equipment is required for the sealing test of aircraft fuel tanks, cabin doors, hanging windows, and other parts. By monitoring the internal status of the pipeline, the safety and reliability of the aircraft during flight can be ensured.