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    Digital Theodolite for Engineering, 2" Accuracy

    Digital Theodolite for Engineering, 2" Accuracy

    The digital theodolite offers a 2-second accuracy and high precision. Unlike traditional optical theodolites, SISCO digital theodolites utilize double LCD displays, and high-brightness background lighting. It is used in various surveying and engineering applications.
    Digital Theodolite for Surveying, 2" Accuracy

    Digital Theodolite for Surveying, 2" Accuracy

    The digital theodolite for sale at a cheap price, perfect for engineering projects. It offers high precision, 2-second accuracy, dual display, and is ideal for surveying tasks.

    Theodolites are precision instruments used for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. They are commonly used in surveying and engineering to determine the relative position of points on the Earth's surface. Theodolites can also be utilized in construction, meteorology, and even astronomy for various precise measurements.

    Key Components of a Theodolite

    • Telescope: Allows for the precise sighting of distant objects.
    • Vertical Circle: Measures vertical angles.
    • Horizontal Circle: Measures horizontal angles.
    • Leveling Head: Ensures the theodolite is properly leveled for accurate measurements.
    • Plumb Bob: Assists in centering the theodolite over a specific point on the ground.
    • Tripod: Provides a stable base for the theodolite.

    Types of Theodolites

    • Transit Theodolite: Allows the telescope to be flipped in the vertical plane, facilitating the measurement of angles from different perspectives.
    • Non-Transit Theodolite: Does not allow the telescope to flip over.
    • Digital Theodolite: Incorporates electronic readouts and can often store data electronically.

    Maintenance and Calibration

    Regular maintenance and calibration are crucial for ensuring the accuracy of a theodolite. This involves cleaning the lenses, checking for any mechanical wear, and ensuring the instrument is properly calibrated against known standards.

    Modern Developments

    Modern theodolites, often called total stations, integrate electronic distance measurement (EDM) capabilities, allowing for more comprehensive data collection. They can measure both angles and distances, often with high precision and the ability to interface with digital data storage and processing systems.

    Theodolites remain fundamental tools in various fields requiring precise angular measurements, despite advancements in technology and the development of more automated systems.


    Digital theodolites are crucial for any project requiring precise angle and distance measurements. SISCO digital theodolite is used in various surveying and engineering applications, including land surveying, construction, road and rail alignment, topographic surveying, geodetic surveys, mining and tunneling, utilities and infrastructure, mapping and GIS, bridge and dam construction, and agricultural land management.

    Topographic surveying

    Topographic Surveying 

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    Civil Engineering

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    Geodetic Surveying

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