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Digital Salinometer for Food Processing

Digital Salinometer for Food Processing

Salinity meter for food processing, measurement range can be selected from 0.01%~5%, 0.01%~10, 0.01%~15% or 0.01%~25%, TDS measurement range up to 0~10000PPM, large screen with backlight and beep, clear readings, easy to carry.
Digital Salinometer for Sea Water, Fish Tank

Digital Salinometer for Sea Water, Fish Tank

Salinometer for seawater and fish tank, specific gravity 1.000~1.071 or 1.000~1.045, test type diversification, can measure specific gravity, salinity and temperature, accurate test results, specific gravity resolution 0.002, salinity difference 0.1PPT, is the ideal instrument for scientific research, mechanical processing, food processing and seawater aquaculture.

A salinometer is an instrument used to rapidly determine the weight percent concentration or refractive index of solutions containing salt (sodium chloride), usually consisting of a sensor, a measuring circuit, and a data processing unit. Salinometers are widely used in industrial sectors such as salt, food, and beverage production, as well as in agricultural production and scientific research.

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