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    Paperless Chart Recorder, 48 Channel

    Paperless Chart Recorder, 48 Channel

    The 7-inch paperless chart recorder has a USB interface, SD card socket, EtherNet interface, and mini printer interface, with optional 48 input channels, 12 analog outputs, 18 alarm outputs and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication outputs, it is a reliable paperless chart recorder engineers need.
    Paperless Recorder, 1/4/8/12/18 Channel

    Paperless Recorder, 1/4/8/12/18 Channel

    3.5-inch paperless recorder with 1 USB data interface, optional AC/DC power supply, 18 input channels, 4 alarm outputs, 1 RS485 communication output, can be used to collect, calculate, display, and record temperature, pressure, current, voltage, and other input signal data.
    Paperless Recorder, 8-40 Channel

    Paperless Recorder, 8-40 Channel

    10.4-inch paperless recorder for sale, optional 8-40 input channels, 8 analog outputs, 24 alarm outputs, 8 internal power supplies and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication outputs, paperless recorder can be used for temperature, pressure, flow, level, voltage, current and frequency recording and monitoring.

    The sisco paperless recorder can collect a wide range of data at the same time, commonly: temperature, pressure, flow, level, voltage, current, humidity, frequency, vibration, speed, etc. Up to 48 signals can be input at the same time. The paperless chart recorder can display the recorded data directly on the LCD display and in various forms such as figures, bar graphs, curves and lists. It is characterised by paperless recording, good real-time performance, high accuracy, communicable, searchable and intelligent. The latest paperless recorders can also be extended with more functions such as PID regulation, flow accumulation etc. It reduces the running cost of the recorder, facilitates management and improves work efficiency.