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3m Aluminum Leveling Staff

3m Aluminum Leveling Staff

High quality and reasonable price levelling staff for sale online. 3m leveling rod with sturdy thick aluminum and stable ring. The leveling rod adopts metal enforced buttons, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Aluminum leveling staff often used in construction, railway and woodworking.
5m Aluminum Leveling Staff

5m Aluminum Leveling Staff

5 m levelling staff with cheap price for sale. Leveling rod is made of thickened aluminum alloy, solid and not easy to shake. The leveling rod can be stretched and shrunk, and it is easy to carry. The scale of 5m aluminum levelling staff is accurate to avoid mistakes.
7m Aluminum Leveling Staff

7m Aluminum Leveling Staff

Affordable price levelling staff with strong aluminum for sale online. The face width of 7m leveling rod is 5.3 cm. The clear scale in the survey staff makes the reading more accurate. Aluminum leveling staff is widely used in measurement.

A levelling staff, also known as a leveling rod or surveying rod, is a measuring instrument used in surveying and construction to determine the height or elevation of a point relative to a reference level or benchmark. provides different sizes of leveling rod, such as 3m, 5m, 7m. luminum levelling staff often used in construction, woodworking, land surveying and environmental monitoring.

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