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    Current Transformer CT PT Tester, 110V/220V

    Current Transformer CT PT Tester, 110V/220V

    Current transformer CT PT tester has an input voltage of 110V or 220V and a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz. The current transformer test equipment can complete the analysis of the test source data file and produce a word report through the PC software, and automatically give the knee point voltage, current, 10% , 5% error curve, which can meet various CT and PT test requirements.
    Current Transformer CT PT Tester, 220V

    Current Transformer CT PT Tester, 220V

    CT PT analyzer is used for current transformer testing, AC output voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, measurement accuracy ± 0.2%, current transformer tester has stable and reliable performance, complete functions, high testing efficiency, and is a professional testing instrument for the power industry.

    The current transformer tester is a versatile field test instrument designed for polarity testing, voltammetry, ratios, polarity, error curves, inflection point calculations, and secondary side circuit detection. It uses high precision, automatic linear adjustment of DC and AC power supplies and a high-speed, highly reliable digital processing module. sisco current transformer tester has a user-friendly human-machine interface, which prompts wiring and operation, and has a function for saving any measurement parameters and printing the results.