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Current Transformer CT PT Tester, 110V/220V

Current transformer CT PT tester has an input voltage of 110V or 220V and a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz. The current transformer test equipment can complete the analysis of the test source data file and produce a word report through the PC software, and automatically give the knee point voltage, current, 10% , 5% error curve, which can meet various CT and PT test requirements.
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Current transformer CT PT analyzer with backlit LCD screen, turns ratio measurement range 1~30000, CT secondary load measurement 0~160 ohm, PT secondary load measurement 0~80 ohm, current transformer tester can store 2000 groups test data and can be stored in a computer with a USB flash drive.


CT PT analyzer

Current Transformer Testing

  • Excitation curve parameter test
  • Turns ratio test
  • Ratio and phase error testing
  • Polarity mark check
  • Coil resistance measurement
  • Transient CT parametric test
Current transformer ratio polarity tester


Voltage Transformer Test

  • Excitation curve test
  • Turns ratio test
  • Polarity test
  • Secondary burden test
  • Coil resistance Test



Current transformer tester set

Applications of CT PT Analysis

  • CT parameter inspection workload
  • CT Transient parameter analysis
  • CT ratio and phase error calibration
  • PT routine test


The current transformer tester adopts a high-speed and high-reliability digital processing module, which meets the requirements of a high-power output power test and is convenient for testers to use and carry. The sisco current transformer tester can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, sea, desert, extreme cold, and high altitude.

Current transformer analyzer applications

Model SISCO-CT-HM404
Input Voltage AC220V, 50Hz/AC110V, 60Hz
Usage Class P/TP CT & VT
Power Output 500VA
Maximum Knee Voltage Measurement 45 kV
Voltage Output 0.1~180V (AC)
Current Output 0.001~5A(RMS)
Current Measurement Range 0~10A (Automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A)
Error <±0.1%+0.01%FS
Voltage Measurement Range 0~200V (Automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V)
Error <±0.1%+0.01%FS
Turns Ratio Measurement Range 1~5000 5000~35000
Error <0.05% <0.1%
Phase Measurement Range ±2min
Resolution 0.01min
Winding Resistance Measurement Range 0~8kΩ (Automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/800ohm/8kohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum resolution 0.1mΩ
Temperature Measurement -50~100 Celsius degree
CT Secondary Burden Range 0~160ohm (Automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum resolution 0.001ohm
PT Secondary Burden Range 0~80kohm (Automatically change range in 800ohm/8kohm/80kohm)
Error <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS
Maximum Resolution 0.1ohm
PT Ratio Measurement Range 1~10000 10000~35000
Error <0.1% <0.2%
PT Ratio Error Measurement Typical Error <0.05%
Maximum Error <0.1%
PT Phase Angle Measurement maximum Error <3min
Memory Capacity >1000 Groups Test Results
Working Condition Temperature: -10℃~50℃ Moist: ≤90%
Dimension 485*356*183mm
Weight 15kg

Q1: What is a current transformer analyzer?
A1: Current transformer analyzer is a multi-functional field test instrument specially designed for testing voltammetric characteristics, ratio, polarity, error curve, inflection point calculation, and secondary side circuit check of transformers.

Q2: How to use the current transformer analyzer?
A2: In the experiment, just set the test voltage and current values, and the device can automatically boost voltage/flow, and can quickly display the volt-ampere characteristic curve of the transformer or the experimental results of the ratio and polarity, etc. It supports data saving and on-site printing. sisico current transformer analyzer not only eliminates the tedious labor of manual voltage regulation, manual recording, and curve drawing but also allows you to upload the test data to your computer through the USB interface on the computer for editing, saving, or printing. It is simple and convenient to operate and improves working efficiency.

Q3: How to judge the polarity of the current transformer?
A3: There are many ways to measure the polarity of current transformers, and we often use the following three test methods in our work: the DC method, the AC method, and the instrumentation method.

Tips: How to measure the polarity of CT?

  • DC method

    Connect the positive terminal of the dry cell or battery to the primary winding P1 of the CT, and the negative terminal to P2. S1 of the secondary side 
    of the CT is connected to the positive terminal of the pointer ammeter (or the pointer multimeter to milliamp gear), and S2 is connected to the negative 
    terminal. After connecting the line, if the switch S in the moment of closing the pointer positive bias, pulling the instantaneous pointer reverse bias, 
    then P1, S1 is the same name end, the current transformer is minus polarity, such as the pointer swing with the above opposite for plus polarity.

  • Instrumentation method

    The instrumentation method mainly uses a current transformer tester to determine the polarity of the CT, which adopts a constant voltage source 
    internally, has a wide measurement range, is easy to carry, and can not only visually display the CT polarity and ratio value, but also measure the 
    direct resistance and excitation characteristics of the CT, which is simple and intuitive, and is widely used at present.

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This 110V220V current transformer is nice
This 110V/220V current transformer is exactly what I need. Arrive early than I expected with well packed. It can accurately verify the parameters. If I needed a second one I would not hesitate to reorder this one.
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