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    Privacy Notice

    SISCO will strictly comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other social standards regarding the protection of personal data. SISCO will properly manage personal data by appointing persons responsible for the overall control of personal data and by having a personal data manager in each department that processes personal data.

    SISCO will collect, use and provide personal data in an appropriate manner, in particular:

    1. Personal data will be collected in an appropriate and fair manner and the intended use will be clearly stated at the time of collection.
    2. We will only use personal data for the purposes specified in the notice or announcement or as expressly stated at the time of collection, except as permitted by applicable law.
    3. We do not collect special categories of personal data unless we have obtained the prior express consent of the person concerned or unless permitted or required by applicable law.
    4. We do not provide personal data to third parties other than Group companies or their service providers unless we have obtained the prior consent of the person concerned or are permitted or required by applicable law.
    5. Where personal data is provided to or received from third parties, we will maintain appropriate records of such sharing or transfer in accordance with all applicable laws; and Where personal data is provided to service providers or others, we will take appropriate measures in the form of written contracts or otherwise to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your personal data.
    6. SISCO will respond to requests from individuals regarding their personal data in a reasonable and appropriate manner after identifying the individual.
    7. SISCO will take all appropriate, reasonable, and possibly personal, physical, technical, and operational measures to ensure that personal data is processed securely and shall use its best efforts to prevent the disclosure or loss of personal data by unauthorized access.
    8. SISCO will review this policy and related company regulations and operating procedures from time to time and will make revisions and improvements on an ongoing basis. Please refer to the most current version available online.

    When does this Privacy Policy apply?

    This Privacy Policy applies to all of your personal data collected by, whether communicated to us through theSISCOwebsite or by other means. For example, by telephone or in writing obtained by mail or email, or any other means. This Privacy Policy may be supplemented by domestic laws and regulations in your area if such laws and regulations require it.

    We want to help you make informed decisions, so please take some time to read the following sections and understand how we use your personal data.

    At SISCO, we provide measurement solutions that enable you to make breakthrough innovations. Our joint success depends on a thorough understanding of your needs. One of the ways we pursue this understanding is by collecting information about you when you use our products or otherwise interact with us. When you share your information with us, you entrust us with your privacy, a responsibility we take seriously.

    The information we collect falls into two broad categories:

    • Personal information includes personally identifiable information such as your name, your email address, your credit card number, or the serial number of the Teck product you are using. All information that is actively linked to one or more personal identifiers is also considered personal information.
    • Anonymous information is any information that is not actively linked to one or more personal identifiers. This information is often most useful to us, for example, to allow us to monitor market acceptance of new product features.

    Using anonymous information whenever possible is one way we can protect your privacy. The remainder of this document addresses our policies regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transfer, or other processing of your personal information.

    If we need your consent to collect, use, disclose, transfer or otherwise process your personal information (as described in this Privacy Notice), you provide such consent by accessing and using the Products. If you do not consent to such processing, then please do not access or use these products further.