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    Digital Salinometer for Food Processing

    Salinity meter for food processing, measurement range can be selected from 0.01%~5%, 0.01%~10, 0.01%~15% or 0.01%~25%, TDS measurement range up to 0~10000PPM, large screen with backlight and beep, clear readings, easy to carry.
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    Digital salinometer is used to measure the salinity of food, sensitive response, high measurement accuracy, compact and portable, easy to operate, is the ideal salinity meter for food processing applications.

    Waterproof salinometer

    Waterproof and dustproof

    • Capable of testing in a variety of harsh environments.
    • 3 seconds results, instrument resolution 0.01%.
    Salino meter for food


    Large screen display

    • Large screen with backlight and beep, convenient to do tests in different environments.
    • With temperature sensor.



    Using a salinitymeter can quickly read the salt concentration or the specific gravity of seawater, which is used in pickles, pickles, pickled vegetables, food processing, oceans, fisheries, and farms.

    salino meter for food processing

    Model SISCO-WQT-BM
    Test Range (optional) 0.01%~5.00%, 0.01%~10.00%, 0.01%~26.00%
    Test Methods Automatic test   
    Test Temperature Range 1℃~90℃ (salinity<15%), <50℃ (salinity>15%)
    The Decomposition 0~4.99%: 0.01%
    5~10%: 0.05%
    10~15%: 0.1%
    15~25%: 0.5%
    Precision 0.01~1.99% (±0.1%)
    2.00~5.00% (±0.2%)
    5~10% (±0.5%)
    10~15% (±1%)
    15~25% (±2%)
    Test Range 0~10000PPM
    Test Precision 2% F.S    
    Test Method Automatic    
    Test Temperature Range 0~80℃
    Test Result Few 0~50
    Little 50~100
    A Little 101~300
    More 601~1000
    Unqualified >1000
    Test Principle Method for determination of electrical conductivity
    Test Environment 5℃~60℃, Test material maximum temperature<90℃
    Power Saving Function 60 seconds after the automatic shutdown
    Temperature Compensation A.T.C
    Display Area LCD (Backlight)
    Complete Function PPM value<500PPM, the direct display of TDS PPM value.
    PPM value>500PPM, showing the value of salinity %. Twice consecutive button to display the results of TDS PPM.
    Beep prompt tone: began to ring 1 times, the end of the ring 2 times.
    Backlight: 5 seconds after the test shows.
    Replace Battery Alert LOW icon flashing
    Power Supply 1.5V*2EA (AAA type battery)
    Waterproof Grade Life waterproof
    Implementation Standards Q/YM003-2015
    Certification CE
    Weigh 0.5kg


    Salino Meter Structure Diagram

    Salino meter structure diagram

    Salinity Meter Use Instruction

    Salino meter use instruction

    1. Press the power key to start the device's RDY icon will flash.
    2. Place the gravimeter measurement probe tip (as Shown) in the testing water MEAS icon will flash and the test begins.
    3. The buzzer will sound and the backlight will illuminate to display the result.
    4. Press the power key to display the SG value (unit: PPT), press the key to display the temperature value(unit: C), and press the key more to power off.
    5. Clean the probe ready for its next usage, place the probe in natural water, and wait till the RDY icon appears on the display.
    6. Use fresh water to clean the probe and use a soft cloth to dry it. Keep dry When stored.

    A1: What is a salinometer?
    Q1: A salinometer is an instrument used to quickly determine the weight percent concentration or refractive index of a solution containing salt (sodium chloride). Digital salinometers are widely used in industrial sectors such as salt, food, and beverage, as well as in agricultural production and scientific research.

    A2: How does a salinity meter work?
    Q2: Refraction occurs when light enters a medium from one medium to another, and the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence is constant, which is called the refractive index. The refractive index of a salt solution can be determined by using the fact that the content of soluble substances in the salt solution is proportional to the refractive index in an ordinary environment so that the salinometer can calculate the concentration of salt.

    A3: How to use the salinometer?
    Q3: The salinometer is immersed in the liquid, and after it is stabilized, the scale is read directly on the salinometer, and the scale shows the salinity of the liquid.

    Tips: What is a salinometer in food processing?

    A salinometer is a machine that measures the amount of salt (NaCl) in a solution, known as as salinity. another name for a salinometer is a conductivity meter because dissolved salt in water increases its conductivity at measurable levels.


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    Roland | 2/22/2023 5:05 PM
    Reliable digital salinometer
    I was extremely impressed with the accuracy and ease of use of the digital salinity meter. The readings are consistent and reliable, which is essential for my work in the food industry. The digital display is easy to read and the unit itself is compact and portable.