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    Digital Theodolite for Surveying, 2" Accuracy

    The digital theodolite for sale at a cheap price, perfect for engineering projects. It offers high precision, 2-second accuracy, dual display, and is ideal for surveying tasks.
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    SISCO digital theodolite offers a 2-second accuracy and high precision. Unlike traditional optical theodolites, digital theodolites utilize electronic displays and often incorporate more advanced features for increased accuracy and ease of use. The digital theodolite is used in various surveying and engineering applications.

    Digital theodolite details

    Digital theodolite with double LCD display

    • Large screen with a time display. High-brightness background lighting.
    • Independent tilt sensor, coaxial locking screw, waterproof telescope.
    Digital theodolite details picture

    Digital theodolite has a 30X Objective

    • Magnify 30X clear and bright.
    • Laser plummet and optical plummet for options. Absolute angle encoder system.


    Digital theodolites are crucial for any project requiring precise angle and distance measurements. SISCO digital theodolite is used in various surveying and engineering applications, including land surveying, construction, road and rail alignment, topographic surveying, geodetic surveys, mining and tunneling, utilities and infrastructure, mapping and GIS, bridge and dam construction, and agricultural land management.

    Topographic surveying

    Topographic Surveying 

    Civil engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Geodetic surveying

    Geodetic Surveying

    Construction layout

    Construction Layout

    Model SISCO-DT-CDT02
    Angle Measurement measuring method Absolute Encoded
    Minimum reading 1"/5"
    Accuracy 2"
    Length of telescope 156mm
    Objective lens aperture 45mm
    Magnification 30X
    lmage Erect
    Field of view 1°30'
    Resolving power 3.6"
    Minimum focus distance 1.3m
    Stadia ratio 100
    Display Double LCD display
    Compensator Tilt sensor yes
    Compensating Range ±3'
    Sensitivity of plate level 30"/2mm
    Circular level 8’/2mm
    Plummet optical or laser plummet
    Power rechargeable batteries and 4xAA size batteries.
    Working time about 20 hours
    Working temperature -20°C~+50°C
    Data output RS232C
    Weight 4.7kg


    Packing List:

    • 1x Theodolite
    • 1x Rechargeable battery pack
    • 1x Charger
    • 1x AA size battery box
    • 1x Instrument manual
    • 1x Plastic carrying case

    Q1: What is a Theodolite?
    A1: A theodolite is a precision optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical planes. It is commonly used in surveying and engineering to obtain precise angular measurements.

    Q2: What are the Types of Theodolites?

    A2: Theodolites, instruments used in surveying and engineering to measure horizontal and vertical angles, come in several types, each designed for specific applications:

    • Vernier Theodolite: Uses vernier scales for reading angles.
    • Micrometer Theodolite: Uses micrometer screws for more precise measurements.
    • Digital Theodolite: Incorporates electronic components to provide digital readings and often stores data internally or transmits it to external devices.
    • Transit Theodolite: Allows the telescope to be rotated through the vertical plane.
    • Non-Transit Theodolite: Does not allow full rotation of the telescope through the vertical plane.

    Q3: What is the Difference Between a Theodolite and a Total Station?

    A3: While both theodolites and total stations are used in surveying and engineering applications to measure angles and distances, there are key differences between them:

    • Theodolite: Measures horizontal and vertical angles only.
    • Total Station: Combines theodolite functions with an electronic distance measurement (EDM) device, allowing it to measure angles and distances, and often includes data storage and processing capabilities.

    Tips: How to Use a Digital Theodolite?

    Using a digital theodolite involves several steps to ensure accurate measurements.

    • Set up the theodolite on a stable tripod.
    • Level the instrument using the built-in leveling mechanism.
    • Aim the telescope at the target point.
    • Read the horizontal and vertical angles from the scales or digital display.
    • Record the measurements for further analysis or mapping.

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