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    Force Gauges Price List
    Digital force gauges are force measuring devices that use built-in load cells to measure compression, tension, peel, or coefficient of friction. They are handheld instruments that contain a load cell, electronic part, software, and a display. They are typically more expensive than mechanical gauges, but they can be more accurate.
    Digital Analytical Balance Price List
    Digital analytical balances find applications in various scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and material science. These analytical balance scales are equipped with digital readouts that display the weight of the sample being measured. They are often designed to minimize external influences such as air currents and vibrations, ensuring the accuracy of the measurements. In the following, we will show you our analytical weighing balance price.
    Hidden Camera Detectors Price list
    Hidden camera detectors are devices designed to identify and locate hidden cameras or other covert recording devices. These detectors use various technologies to detect the presence of cameras that may be concealed in everyday objects or within a room. The primary purpose of hidden camera detectors is to protect privacy and security by helping individuals identify and prevent unauthorized surveillance.
    Phase Tester Price List
    Phase Testers, also known as Phase Sequence Testers or Phase Rotation Testers, are electrical testing devices used to determine the phase sequence (order) and phase rotation (direction) of the voltage in a three-phase electrical system. Phase rotation and sequence are critical factors in ensuring the proper and safe operation of motors, machinery, and electrical equipment in three-phase systems.
    Sound Level Meter Price List
    A sound level meter (SLM) is an instrument (usually hand-held) used to measure sound levels in a standardized manner. It responds to sound in much the same way as the human ear and can objectively measure sound pressure levels.A sound level meter is an instrument used to measure the intensity of sound, and it is important in many different fields and applications. The machine manufacturing industry has taken the noise as one of the important quality indicators of the product, auditoriums and gymnasiums, and other buildings do not only require the shape of the beautiful but also the pursuit of acoustics, all of which makes the sound level meter is more and more widely used. The buildings such as auditoriums and gymnasiums not only require beautiful shapes but also pursue acoustic effects, which make the application of sound level meters more and more widely.
    Hardness Tester Price list
    A hardness tester is an instrument designed to measure the hardness of a material, which is the material's resistance to permanent deformation, indentation, or scratching. Hardness testing is commonly used in various industries, including metallurgy, manufacturing, engineering, and quality control, to assess the hardness characteristics of materials. In this article, sisco will list the price of corded circular saws for your reference.
    Network Cable Tester Price List
    A Network Cable Tester is a specialized tool designed for diagnosing and verifying the integrity of network cables. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of network connections by identifying issues such as continuity problems, wiring faults, or cable length discrepancies. These testers are commonly used in both residential and professional settings to troubleshoot and maintain network infrastructures.
    Height Gauge Price List
    Height gauge is a measuring tool widely used in industry, science, and manufacturing to measure the height, distance, or position of an object. Different types of height gauges are available in the market with various prices which depend on the performance, accuracy, features, and manufacturer of the height gauge. sisco store will provide a price list of height gauges to help you understand the price range of different models and sizes of height gauges.
    Energy Meter Price List
    An electric energy meter is an instrument used to measure electrical energy. It is also called an electric meter, a fire meter, or a kilowatt-hour meter. It refers to an instrument that measures various electrical quantities, and is commonly known as an electric meter or a fire meter. According to the classification of use, it can be divided into industrial and civil meters, electronic standard meters, maximum demand meters, and multiple rate meters. According to the structure and working principle, it can be divided into induction type (mechanical type), static type (electronic type), electromechanical integrated type (hybrid type). sisco provides you with a specific and detailed quotation below to provide a reference for your purchase.
    Temperature Data Logger Price List
    A Temperature Data Logger is a device used to monitor and record temperature measurements over a period of time. It is commonly employed in various industries and applications where temperature control and data tracking are essential. In order to better provide you with price information, sisco has compiled the following tables for your reference.