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    Phase Tester Price List

    Phase Testers, also known as Phase Sequence Testers or Phase Rotation Testers, are electrical testing devices used to determine the phase sequence (order) and phase rotation (direction) of the voltage in a three-phase electrical system. Phase rotation and sequence are critical factors in ensuring the proper and safe operation of motors, machinery, and electrical equipment in three-phase systems.

    For you to better choose a suitable sound level meter, sisco store has listed a detailed price list for you.

    Product Name SKU Price
    Digital Phase Detector, Wireless, 10kV~35kV, 20m SISCO-DPD-132 $1,834.78
    Non Contact Phase Rotation Meter, AC 70V~1000V, Φ10mm~Φ40mm SISCO-PRM-710 $202.60
    Non Contact Phase Rotation Tester, AC 70V~1000V, Φ1.6mm~Φ16mm SISCO-PRT-710 $169.85
    Phase Detector, Wireless, 10V~500kV, 260m SISCO-PD-152 $756.66
    Phase Sequence Detector, Wireless, 1V~600V, 30m SISCO-PSD-163 $846.37
    Phase Sequence Tester, 10V~500kV, 5000m SISCO-PST-155 $4,726.66
    Phase Tester, Wireless, 220V~220kV, 60m SISCO-PT-226 $807.82

    How Does a Phase Tester Work

    When the phase tester is working, the digital signal is sent to the receiving end through the wireless sending module, thereby reducing the interference and error, and greatly improving the working performance of the phase tester. When the phase detector is in use, first hang the transmitter on the power grid conductor under test, then touch the receiving device to another grid conductor to be tested. sisco phase detectors can perform phase sequence detection (positive phase, anti-phase, default phase), live line inspection, simple electrical inspection, fire line identification, default phase judgment, broken line location search, DC line breakpoint detection, and line maintenance.


    Digital phase testers can perform phase tests and phase sequence tests of power lines and substations, with phase verification, phase sequence measurement, and electrical inspection functions. It has strong anti-interference performance and is suitable for various electromagnetic field interference occasions. The phase detector is widely used in the power industry, electronic manufacturing, industrial control, and other industries.

    Why Do You Need a Phase Tester

    If AC power supplies with different phases or phase sequences are paralleled or closed, a large current will be generated, which will cause damage to the generator or electrical equipment, so a phase detector is required for measurement. Phase verification refers to using a tester or other means to check whether the phases and phase sequences of two power sources or loops are the same in the electrical operation of the power system, which means the measurement of the phase difference in the actual operation. Newly built, rebuilt, and expanded substations and transmission lines, as well as after the line is overhauled and before power is sent to users, must conduct three-phase circuit phase verification tests. Therefore, a phase tester is required.

    It's important to use the right phase tester for the specific task at hand, as using the wrong type of tester can lead to inaccurate results and potentially unsafe working conditions. Additionally, always follow safety precautions and guidelines when working with electricity to prevent accidents and ensure personal safety. offers high-quality phase testers, click to shop if you are interested.

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