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    Phase Tester, Wireless, 220V~220kV, 60m

    The phase tester applys for power lines below 220kV or substations for electric inspection, phase verification, phase test, phase sequence judgment, electric inspection, etc. It provides a 220V~200kV voltage range, 0°~360° phase range, 45.0Hz~65.0Hz frequency range and 60m phase distance. The wireless phase detector with a USB interface can read historical data, and view, save, print test results.
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    High quality phase tester can measure phase in very low voltage lines and fully realize automatic phase detection from 200V to 200kV voltage range, phase range 0°~360°, frequency range 45.0Hz~65.0Hz, and phase distance 60m. Wireless phase detector with a 3.5-inch true-color LCD screen, which can display phase, frequency, phase sequence and phase results on the same screen.

    Phase tester dispay

    Phase detector, wireless, with 220V~200kV voltage range, 0°~360° phase range, 45.0Hz~65.0Hz frequency range and 60m phase distance.

    • Phase tester is used in a power line or substation electricity testing, phase testing, and phase sequence judgment, etc.
    • sisco phase tester adopts wireless transmission technology, phase detecting distance 60m, phase detecting accurately, and operation convenient.
    • Voice prompt: "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, same phase, out phase".
    Phase tetser alarm function

    Sound and light alarm function, USB interface to transfer data at high speed, 9999 groups can be stored.

    • Digital phase detector with a 3.5-inch LCD color screen can display the phase, frequency, phase sequence, and phase-detecting results on the same screen, audible alarm function is available. The dynamic vector diagram indication is clear and obvious.
    • Data storage can store 9999 groups of data.USB interface with data upload function, stored data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print.


    Phase tester details


    sisco phase tester can perform phase tests and phase sequence tests of power lines and substations, with phase verification, phase sequence measurement, and electrical inspection functions. Strong anti-interference performance and is suitable for various electromagnetic field interference occasions. Phase detector is widely used in the power industry, electronic manufacturing, industrial control and other industries.

    Phase tester applications

    Model SISCO-PT-1600
    Power Supply Host: DC9V, alkaline battery LR6X 6PCS; Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V
    Phase Detection Method 1. Contact mode phase detecting: Power line below 35KV
    2. Non-Contact mode phase detecting: the bare wire line voltage exceeds 35kV, must adopt non-contact mode to testing, the probe gradually approaches the conductor to phasing detecting.
    Transmission Distance 60M
    Phase Characterization 1.Same Phase:-25°~25°;2.Out Phase: 95°~145°and 215°~265°
    Phase Detection Voltage 200V~220kV
    Phase Range 0.0°~360.0°; Accuracy: ≤ ±12°: Resolution: 0.1°
    Frequency Range 45.0Hz~65.0Hz; Accuracy: ≤±2Hz; Resolution: 0.1Hz
    Transmitting Frequency 433MHz、315MHz
    LCD Size 3.5inch Color Display: Display area:71mmx53mm
    Phase Indication phasor diagram and digital display
    Working Indication Phase detector with sound and light indication function, red double flash indicator and "beep-beep-beep" buzzing sound.
    Display Speed 2 Times/Second
    Data Storage 9999 groups (Power down or replace the battey will not lose data)
    Automatic Shutdown 15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
    Battery Voltage When battery voltage is lower than 7.2V+0.1V, low battery voltage symbol will display and remind you to replace battery. The measurement data still is also accurate at this time
    Rated Current Detector:30mA max; Host: 150mA max
    Weight Host: 950g, package and Insulation Rod weight: 8KG
    Dimension Host: 195mmx100mmx45mm; Detector: 290mmx250mmx80mm
    Insulation Rod Length Max Diameter:Ø38mm; Length: Contraction state 1000mm; Stretched state 4500mm
    Insulation Test The insulation rod stretched to both ends: AC 220 kV/rms Host, detector: AC3700V/ rms (between exposed metal and plastic shell)


    Phase tester diagram

    Package List

    Phase detector package list


    Q1: How does a phase tester work?
    A1: When the phase tester is working, the digital signal is sent to the receiving end through the wireless sending module, thereby reducing the interference and error, and greatly improving the working performance of the phase tester. When the phase detector is in use, first hang the transmitter on the conductor of the power grid under test, and then touch the receiving device to another grid conductor to be tested.

    Q2: Functions of phase detectors
    A2: sisco phase detectors can perform phase sequence detection (positive phase, anti-phase, default phase), live line inspection, simple electrical inspection, fire line identification, default phase judgment, broken line location search, DC line breakpoint detection, and line maintenance.

    Q3: Why do you need a phase tester?
    A3: If AC power supplies with different phases or phase sequences are paralleled or closed, a large current will be generated, which will cause damage to the generator or electrical equipment, so a phase detector is required for measurement.

    Phase verification refers to the use of a tester or other means to check whether the phases and phase sequences of two power sources or loops are the same in the electrical operation of the power system, which means the measurement of the phase difference in the actual operation. Newly built, rebuilt and expanded substations and transmission lines, as well as after the line is overhauled and before power is sent to users, must conduct three-phase circuit phase verification tests. Therefore, a phase tester is required.

    Tips: What is a wireless high-voltage phase detector?

    The wireless high-voltage phase detector is used in phase verification and phase sequence verification of power lines and substations. With a strong anti-interference, suitable for various electromagnetic field interference occasions. The measured high-voltage phase signal is taken out by the collector, processed and sent out directly. It is received by the phase detector and compared with the phase, and the result is obtained. Because the detector is wireless transmission, it is truly safe, reliable, fast and accurate, ideal for various phase detection occasions.


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