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What Affects Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter Accuracy?
The measurement of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, and pressure in the field of use will also affect the measurement accuracy of the flow meter, especially in the case of gas flow measurement, it is obvious that the viscosity change of high-viscosity liquid due to temperature changes affects the measurement accuracy. Factors such as the high center of gravity and eccentricity of the float will cause left and right swings during work, and the rapid rotation of the float off-axis in place will affect the measurement accuracy. (At this time, the flow rate is often too large, that is, the float shakes to make the flow area smaller).
How to Improve the Design Efficiency of Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter?
Metal tube variable area flow meter is a traditional variable cross-section flow meter, which has many advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, small and stable pressure loss, and can measure low flow rate media. It is widely used in measuring high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive fluids. medium. As determined by the measurement principle of the metal tube flow meter, it generally needs to be installed vertically. However, in some specific industrial applications, it is necessary to use a horizontally installed rotameter. Although the measurement principle is the same as the classic vertical rotameter, It is a rotameter with a special structure that can be installed in horizontal pipelines.
What is a Liquid Turbine Flow Meter and How does it Work?
A turbine is placed in the center of the pipe, supported by bearings at both ends. When the fluid passes through the pipeline, it impacts the blades of the turbine flowmeter, generating a driving torque to the turbine flowmeter, which makes the turbine flowmeter rotate by overcoming the frictional moment and fluid resistance moment. In a certain flow range, for a certain fluid medium viscosity, the rotational angular velocity of the turbine flowmeter is proportional to the fluid flow velocity. Thus, the fluid flow rate can be obtained through the rotational angular velocity of the turbine flowmeter, so that the fluid flow through the pipeline can be calculated.