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    Hardness Tester Price list

    A hardness tester is an instrument designed to measure the hardness of a material, which is the material's resistance to permanent deformation, indentation, or scratching. Hardness testing is commonly used in various industries, including metallurgy, manufacturing, engineering, and quality control, to assess the hardness characteristics of materials. In this article, sisco will list the price of corded circular saws for your reference.

    SISCO Hardness Tester Price list

    Product SKU Hardness Scale Hardness Value Measurement Range Price
    Hardness tester SISCO-SHT-SA2090 Type A 20A ~ 90A 10~90H $707.23
    SISCO-SHT-SB9020 Type B 90A ~ 20D $718.62
    SISCO-SHT-SC9020 Type C 90B ~ 20D $752.46
    SISCO-SHT-SD90 Type D 90A $859.15
    SISCO-SHT-SDO9020 Type DO 90C ~ 20D $806.31
    SISCO-SHT-SE9020 Type E 90DO ~ 20A $685.29
    SISCO-SHT-SO20 Type O Below 20 $699.77
    SISCO-SHT-SOO20 Type OO Below 20O $696.46

    Features of Hardness Tester

    • Testing Methods:
      Different hardness testers employ various testing methods, such as Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop, or Shore, to measure hardness based on the material and application requirements.
    • Load Application:
      Hardness testers apply loads to the material's surface to create an indentation. The ability to apply different loads allows for testing a wide range of materials with varying hardness.
    • Indentation Measurement:
      Hardness testers measure the indentation made on the material's surface. Some testers have automatic indentation measurement systems for increased accuracy.
    • Automatic Testing:
      Advanced hardness testers may offer automation features, allowing for multiple tests to be conducted automatically, reducing operator workload and ensuring consistency.
    • Digital Display:
      Most modern hardness testers come equipped with digital displays that show the hardness values directly, making it easier for users to read and record results.

    The choice of a hardness tester and testing method depends on the material being tested, the required accuracy, and the specific industry standards. Hardness testing provides valuable information about the mechanical properties of materials, helping in quality control, material selection, and the assessment of material performance in various applications.

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