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    Hidden Camera Detectors Price list

    Hidden camera detectors are devices designed to identify and locate hidden cameras or other covert recording devices. These detectors use various technologies to detect the presence of cameras that may be concealed in everyday objects or within a room. The primary purpose of hidden camera detectors is to protect privacy and security by helping individuals identify and prevent unauthorized surveillance.

    Hidden Camera Detectors Price List

    Here are some common types of hidden camera detectors for you to better choose from, sisco store has listed a detailed price list for you.

    Product Picture Product Name SKU Price
    Anti spy hidden camera detector Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector SISCO-HCD-S40 $36.7
    Hidden camera detector for hotel room Hidden Camera Detector for Hotel Room SISCO-HCD-S20 $36.71
    Hidden camera detector anti sneak photo Hidden Camera Detector, Anti-Sneak Photo SISCO-HCD-S001 $24.96
    Hidden camera detector safe sound alarm Hidden Camera Detector, Safe Sound Alarm SISCO-HCD-AK400 $41.69
    Portable wireless hidden camera detector Portable Wireless Hidden Camera Detector SISCO-HCD-AK470 $49.98



    How does the hidden camera detector work?

    The hidden camera detector uses LED infrared physical laser scanning technology, the detector emits infrared light which is refracted by the camera's glass mirror and filtered by a complex light filter to scan for hidden cameras.

    How to use a hidden camera detector?

    Turn on the detector switch, long press the on button, a red light flashes, and start infrared scanning, from the window through the special filter lens, if there is a red reflective spot, you can short press the button again to adjust the flashing frequency to determine the hidden suspicious objects.

    SISCO store can provide you with a choice of high-quality hidden camera detectors, whatever your question, we are here 24 hours a day to help you, welcome to visit us.

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