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    What are the Types of Pressure Gauges?
    Pressure measurement is the measurement of the force exerted by a fluid on a surface. Pressure is usually measured in units of force per unit of surface area. Many techniques have now been developed globally to measure pressure and vacuum. Instruments used to measure and display pressure mechanically are called pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, or compound gauges. The following are the common types of pressure gauges.
    How to Use the Pressure Gauge?
    With millions of pressure gauges sold every year, pressure gauges can be considered one of the most commonly used instruments and are well known on board ships, offshore rigs, industrial plants, and other development sites. But there is another side to the story, where the choice of a pressure gauge may seem easy, but the opposite is true. Therefore, will explain to you the precautions to be taken when using pressure gauges.
    How to Choose the Right Pressure Gauge?
    Pressure gauge selection should be based on the use of process production requirements, for specific situations to do specific analysis. Under the premise of meeting the process requirements, which should be in line with the principle of saving a comprehensive and integrated consideration, for you to organize the relevant information, in the selection of pressure gauges can generally consider the following aspects of the problem.
    What is a Pressure Gauge?
    Pressure gauge refers to the elastic element as the sensitive element, measuring and indicating higher than the ambient pressure of the instrument, the application is extremely common, it is almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. In the heat pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water supply and gas supply system, vehicle maintenance workshop and other fields can be found everywhere. Especially in the industrial process control and technical measurement process, the mechanical pressure gauge of the elastic sensitive element has high mechanical strength as well as production convenience and other characteristics, so the mechanical pressure gauge has been more and more widely used.