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    How to Use the Pressure Gauge?

    With millions of pressure gauges sold every year, pressure gauges can be considered one of the most commonly used instruments and are well known on board ships, offshore rigs, industrial plants, and other development sites. But there is another side to the story, where the choice of a pressure gauge may seem easy, but the opposite is true. Therefore, will explain to you the precautions to be taken when using pressure gauges.

    Attention to Use

    • The pressure gauge must be vertical: The installation should be tightened with a 17mm wrench, and should not be twisted case. Transportation should avoid a collision.
    • The pressure gauge should be used in the surrounding ambient temperature of -25~50℃.
    • The use of the working environment vibration frequency<25Hz, amplitude is not greater than 1mm.
    • The use of the ambient temperature is too high, the pressure gauge does not indicate the value of the zero position or show value overshooting, the case of the upper sealing rubber plug can be cut open so that the pressure gauge cavity and the atmosphere can be communicated.
    • The pressure gauge should be used in the upper limit of the range of 1/3~2/3 between.
    • In the measurement of corrosive media, may crystallize the medium, viscosity of the medium should be added isolation device.
    • The pressure gauge should be frequently calibrated (at least once every three months), such as faults should be repaired in a timely manner.
    • The pressure gauge from the date of shipment, within six months if found under normal storage and use conditions due to poor manufacturing quality failure or damage, the sisco company is responsible for repair or replacement.
    • Need to measure corrosive media pressure gauge, in the order should indicate the requirements of the conditions.pressure gauge detail

    Pressure Gauge in the Use of Three Common Problems

    1. Pressure gauge fan gear work for a period of time will appear to wear phenomenon.
    2. The pressure gauge's pressure measurement system by the measured medium instantaneous overpressure impact, so that the pointer can not return to the zero position or rushed to the limit of the nail below.
    3. The gauge pointer, in the pressure measurement system unpressurized does not return to zero position.

    3 Ways to Solve Common Pressure Gauge Problems

    1. Increase the fan gear contact surface width, increase the contact surface (i.e., increase the gear modulus), in order to achieve anti-wear to increase the service life of the purpose.
    2. Add a limit block on the movement of the pressure gauge, so that the pressure measurement system in the instantaneous impact of the movement of the cylindrical gear and sector gear is not easy to disengage, to solve the pressure gauge by the pressure impact of the pointer does not return to zero or the pointer is washed to the back of the limit pegs of the problem, in line with the requirements of the correct use of pressure gauges.
    3. Impact pressure measurement system to close the valve under the pressure gauge.

    Overhaul Maintenance

    After a period of use and pressure, the pressure gauge movement will inevitably appear with some deformation and wear, and the pressure gauge will produce a variety of errors and failures. In order to ensure its original accuracy without distorting the transmission of the value, it should be replaced in time to ensure that the instructions are correct, safe, and reliable.

    The pressure gauge should be cleaned regularly. Because the internal pressure gauge is not clean, it will increase the wear and tear of the components, thus affecting its normal work, and seriously making the pressure gauge fail, and scrap.

    In the pressure measurement part of the installation of the pressure gauge, according to JJG52-2013 regulations, it is generally not more than half a year calibration cycle. Relating to production safety and environmental monitoring of the pressure gauge, the verification cycle must be in accordance with the verification procedures, only less than half a year; if the mining conditions are harsh, the verification cycle must be shorter.

    The pressure part of the media fluctuations, frequent use, high accuracy requirements, as well as more stringent requirements for safety factors, according to the specific circumstances of the verification cycle will be appropriately shortened.

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