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    How to Use a Handheld Metal Detector Correctly?

    A handheld metal detector is an instrument for detecting small metal objects. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. Because of the metal detector's small size, lightweight, and ease to carry, it is widely used as an indispensable tool for personal inspection in security inspections.

    But do you know how to use the metal detector correctly? In the following, sisco will tell you how to maintain a handheld metal detector in daily life.

    Handheld metal detector

    Pre-checking before using the handheld metal detector

    Before using a handheld metal detector, we should check the machine for abnormalities:

    1. Pick up the hand-held metal detector and shake it gently to see if there is any abnormal sound;
    2. Open the battery box on the handle of the handheld metal detector and install the matching battery.
    3. Generally, the hand-held metal detector switch will be on the handle. When the switch is turned on, it is generally divided into three gears. Some of them only have a power-on button and a power-off button. Regardless of the angle, different distances to detect whether the hand-held metal detector is working normally and whether the detection machine is in normal use. Now we officially use it.

    How to use the handheld metal detector?

    • Turn on the power switch and hear a click sound, indicating that the power has been connected and the green light is on. If the green light is off, it means that the battery is not installed or the battery is not in good contact. If there is continuous sound or vibration, the battery is no longer usable and should be replaced.
    • Sound and vibration conversion switch selection: press the red button switch, the alarm mode is vibration. Release the red button switch, the alarm mode is sound.
    • After turning on the power, high-sensitivity detection can be performed. sisco reminds you that when there is a metal object, the handle will detect the detection surface around the object to be measured, and an alarm sound or vibration will be issued. At the same time, the green light turns into red light, the detection stops, the alarm sound or vibration stops, and the red light turns into green light.
    • Low sensitivity test: If you need to remove small objects in metal objects, please press and hold the low sensitivity switch. When there is a metal object, the alarm will sound or vibrate when there is a metal object. At the same time, the green light turns into a red light, the detection stops, the sound or vibration stops, and the red light turns into a green light. Because the sensitivity is reduced by more than 5 times at this time. Therefore, the metal objects measured at this time are usually relatively large.
    • sisco reminds you that if the detection distance cannot meet the specified requirements or the sensitivity is too high, resulting in instability or sound or vibration without metal, the sensitivity should be adjusted.
    • Put the sound and vibration switch in the released state, use a small-blade screwdriver to turn clockwise from the hole on the detector handle to adjust the sound, and then turn half a circle counterclockwise until the sensitivity meets the requirements.
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