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    How Does a Metal Detector Work?
    Metal detectors are widely used in examinations, security checks, archaeology and prospecting, etc., bringing more convenience to people's lives. So how do metal detectors accomplish these tasks? Next, ATO will introduce the working principle, application and structure function of the metal detector to you.
    Metal Detector Practical Application/Test and Setup/Operation
    We’re going to do a waterproof test on the SISCO metal detector and give you a brief idea of its practical application. But before we start testing, there’s some key info you should get noted. 
    How to Use a Handheld Metal Detector Correctly?
    A handheld metal detector is an instrument for detecting small metal objects. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. Because of the metal detector's small size, lightweight, and ease to carry, it is widely used as an indispensable tool for personal inspection in security inspections.
    What is a Handheld Metal Detector?
    Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect weapons, explosives, or small pieces of metal in packages, luggage, letters, fabrics, etc. carried by people. The special appearance of its sensitive surface allows easy handling. Superior to ring sensor hand probes. Ultra-high sensitivity, special application. Such as prisons, chip factories, archaeological research hospitals, etc. Handheld metal detectors are used to detect the specific location of metal carried by a person.