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    How to Use Smoke Detectors?

    In recent years, frequent fires have claimed numerous lives. As technology continues to advance, more and more new homes are being built with smoke alarm systems. The safety of the family home has always been our main concern, so smoke detectors are used in interconnections to help prevent fires from occurring.

    Smoke detectors are an important tool to effectively prevent fire, the user in the use of smoke detectors, smoke detectors will occur false alarms, and the user does not know how to solve them. Next, the sisco store to teach you how to use the smoke detector.

    Principle of Operation

    Smoke detector in the internal and external ionization chamber inside the radioactive source Americium 241, ionization of positive and negative ions, each under the action of the electric field to the positive and negative electrode movement. Under normal circumstances, inside and outside the ionization chamber of the current, voltage is stable.

    Once there is smoke escaping outside the ionization chamber interferes with the normal movement of charged particles, the current, the voltage will change, destroying the balance between the internal and external ionization chamber, so the wireless transmitter sends out a wireless alarm signal to notify the remote receiver host, the alarm information will be transmitted out.


    Every 25-40 square meters in the room install a smoke sensor, and important equipment above 0.5-2.5 meters to install a smoke sensor. Choose a suitable installation area with screws to fix the fixed seat, the smoke sensor wiring color connection, and then screwed on the fixed seat. smoke detector details

    Draw two holes on the ceiling or wall according to the holes of the mounting bracket. Drill two holes according to the two holes. Insert two plastic girdle screws into the two holes and then press the back of the mounting bracket against the wall. Stuff and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket withdraws the bottom firmly.

    Please insert the batteries into the battery compartment on the back of the unit. As the smoke detector is an enclosed unit, it is not allowed to be opened privately. Keep the back of the smoke detector facing the mounting port and rotate it clockwise.

    Be sure that the two screw heads have been slid into the waist-shaped holes. Gently press the test button to see if the smoke detector is working properly.

    Smoke detectors are in working condition after installation, in which the light-emitting diode flashes about once a minute. When combustion particles are detected, the smoke detector will emit a clear and loud pulsating alarm until the air is leveled again.


    Press the test button for at least 3 seconds and a loud, clear, pulsating alarm signal will sound.This means that the smoke detector is really working and the light-emitting diode flashes rapidly while the alarm is sounding.You can also test the smoke detector by blowing smoke into it. Do the test once a week to prove that the smoke detector works reliably.

    Installation and Maintenance Precautions

    Can not be installed above the temperature, or high humidity, otherwise, it will affect the sensitivity.
    In order to keep the smoke detector working efficiency is good, every 6 months need to clean the smoke detector, is first powered off, and then use a soft brush to sweep the dust can be, and then the power to start.

    The smoke detector is suitable for fire when there is a lot of smoke, and under normal circumstances smoke-free places.However, it is not suitable for places where there is a lot of dust and water mist. Not applicable to places that may produce steam and oil mist. Not applicable to places where smoke stagnates under normal circumstances.

    When the weather is dry, it is easy to start a fire, which threatens people's lives and properties. sisco offers smoke detectors with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and smoke alarms that can detect smoke, have convenient wifi connection, and can work for 6-8 hours without power, such as 4 in 1 (CO2) Smoke Detector, 5 in 1 (CO) Wifi Smoke Detector, etc.If you are interested, please click here to buy.

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