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    How to Use Temperature Data Logger?

    Nowadays, the requirements for temperature and humidity in various industries are getting higher and higher, and the application range of temperature and humidity recorders is also increasing. The temperature and humidity recorder integrates data signal acquisition, display, storage, and analysis, and meets various needs of industry customers for IoT monitoring and wireless transmission. Today we will lead you to learn how to use the temperature data logger correctly.

    Correct using steps

    Using method one of temperature and humidity recorder:

    1. Correctly install the temperature recorder. Generally, the temperature recorder is a panel-mounted meter, which is installed in the cabinet or placed on the table. Be careful.
    2. Connect the sensor to the temperature recorder correctly.
    3. Install the battery to the temperature recorder.
    4. Set the temperature sensor type on the recorder according to the specification and type of the temperature sensor.
    5. Set the range of the sensor.
    6. At this time, the measured temperature can be displayed normally.Disposable temperature data logger
    7. Turn on the power switch, different models of thermometers and hygrometers may require batteries or power adapters to provide power.
    8. Set the temperature unit, some temperature and humidity meters can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    9. Start the measurement, put the temperature and humidity data logger on the place to be measured, and wait for a while until the accurate temperature and humidity are displayed.
    10. Read the results, check the temperature and humidity values on the display, and record them.
    11. Regularly keep the temperature and humidity recorder clean to ensure the accuracy of the sensor.
    12. When the battery power is low, replace it with a new battery in time.

    Use method two of temperature and humidity recorder:

    1. Use the attached communication cable to connect the recorder with the serial port of a general computer (PC586 or above).
    2. Run the recorder application program on the computer, and set the recording start time, recording period, stop time, stop mode and other parameters of the recorder.
    3. After the setting is completed, disconnect the recorder from the computer, and place the recorder in the place to be detected.
    4. After the detection is completed, connect the recorder to the computer, run the application program of the recorder, and download the recorded data to the computer for data processing.

    Working principle

    A digital temperature data logger is an electronic device that stores large amounts of data on a memory chip through a temperature sensor. One or more sensor inputs can be accepted, and the data is recorded and saved at predetermined frequency sampling intervals. Users can export, save and analyze the data through the computer. The temperature recorder on the market now, as long as it is connected to a computer, it will automatically generate a data report in PDF format, without downloading and installing any software.


    The recorder is mainly used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity data of food, medical supplies, chemical supplies and other products in the process of storage, transportation and laboratories, etc.Temperature data logger using step

    Building materials experiment

    During the drying process of building materials, especially concrete, attention should be paid to its drying trend, which is one of the indicators for evaluating products and also provides reliable data for construction parties. The temperature and humidity recorder can be used to record and provide this data to the building material research party, which will provide useful assistance for construction. Especially in military buildings, time is life. Accurately grasping the concrete drying time is the first to attack the enemy and provides a guarantee for effectively providing vital forces to the battlefield.

    Due to the many acceptance items in the construction industry, in addition to HVAC indicators, other factors such as radiation intensity and formaldehyde concentration that are required to meet human health indicators must also be monitored. These indicators are directly related to human health. If these indicators are not clear, testers rush into these places and record them for a long time, it is irresponsible for the personal health of the testers, and the application recorder will ensure that the testers can obtain reliable data while testing. The personal safety of personnel is protected to the greatest extent.

    Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock

    In the production of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, especially the production of some economic crops, the temperature and humidity values should be recorded in detail in the seedling stage. In agricultural applications, due to the harsh environment - the acid-base environment caused by fertilizers, manure, etc., the humidity product drifts beyond other environments, so the humidity-sensitive capacitance is required to have small drift and easy calibration of the whole machine.

    How to maintain?

    1. When using the wireless temperature and humidity data logger at ordinary times, make sure that all the fasteners of the instrument are firm to avoid damage to the instrument.
    2. Please operate the instrument carefully and follow the correct procedures.
    3. Do not disassemble the electronic temperature and humidity recorder without permission. If the instrument is disassembled by non-professionals, it will be damaged.
    4. If the electronic temperature and humidity recorder is not suitable, it should be avoided to place it in a humid or dark place for a long time, so as to avoid damage to the instrument due to water entering during condensation.

    In addition, if you want to replace the battery inside the temperature and humidity recorder, please turn off the power first, then open the battery box on the back of the temperature and humidity recorder, push the cover of the battery box in the direction of the arrow and remove the cover. Then take out the used rechargeable battery and put the new rechargeable battery in the battery compartment. At this time, please pay attention to the polarity of the battery. If the surface of the temperature and humidity logger is dirty, just clean the case with a damp cloth and soapy water. Do not use caustic cleaners or solutions as they may damage the instrument.

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