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    What is a Temperature Data Logger Used for?

    People's daily life is closely related to the temperature of the surrounding environment. As people's requirements for material levels increase day by day, the requirements for temperature in all walks of life are also getting higher and higher. The temperature recorder can monitor the temperature throughout the logistics process to ensure the temperature, and can also provide data records to ensure that the transported goods can be successfully accepted by customers. Next, we will take you to understand the application range of temperature data loggers.


    Pharmaceutical industry: Observation records of ambient temperature in pharmaceutical workshops, warehouses, pharmacies, cold storage, etc.

    Food industry: Observation records of ambient temperature in food workshops, warehouses, etc.

    Electronics industry: Observation records of ambient temperature in electronic workshops, clean environments, computer rooms, etc.

    Agricultural research: temperature records of the environment in which plants grow.

    Other occasions that require observation and recording of ambient temperature.

    Applications in Agriculture

    Artificial climate: In the plastic greenhouse environment, the temperature and humidity changes directly affect the growth of crops, especially economic crops at the seedling stage. The digital temperature and humidity data logger can automatically record the temperature and humidity values, and output the recorded values in the form of graphic tables through PC intelligent analysis software, which is convenient for administrators to analyze and manage.Bluetooth temperature data logger

    Built-in alarm function: When the temperature and humidity exceed the set high and low limits, the alarm will automatically respond and remind the staff to adjust the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse environment in time. Using an electronic temperature and humidity recorder can simplify your work, save costs, avoid interference from too many human factors, and truly reflect the recording process.

    Applications in the transportation industry

    During long-distance or ocean transportation, the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are too high or too low, which will directly or indirectly affect the quality of the goods transported, especially the transportation of frozen and refrigerated foods. It is often difficult for the carrier and the shipper to dispute which party's responsibility is due to issues such as changes in the quality of the transported goods.

    In order to prevent such disputes, as long as the bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger is placed in the warehouse before transportation and the recording is turned on, and the temperature and humidity value of the warehouse during the transportation is read after the goods arrive at the destination. The PC software will automatically generate JPG, TXT, Excel three graphic forms, the result is clear at a glance, and of course the responsibility is also clear. To a certain extent, the electronic temperature and humidity recorder is also a strong evidence to resolve the controversy in this area.

    Applications in the food storage and transportation industry

    In the process of food processing, storage and transportation, it is very important to keep abreast of whether the environmental conditions of food are in food safety conditions. In the environment, excessive temperature and humidity can directly lead to food deterioration. If the temperature and humidity are too low or too high, the taste of the food will deteriorate and the quality will be reduced.

    Food storage and transportation process time is not a short-term issue. The relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety, because the relative equilibrium humidity directly affects the growth of bacterial colonies. For example: in the range of equilibrium relative humidity from 95%RH to 91%RH, the colonies that are easy to grow are salmonella, bolinia, lactic acid bacteria, mold and yeast.

    The food preservation cycle is also related to temperature and relative humidity. For example, a cake with an equilibrium relative humidity of 81%RH has a shelf life of 14 days at 27°C and 24 days at 21°C. If the equilibrium relative humidity is increased to 85%RH, these indicators will be reduced to 27°C. The equilibrium relative humidity of the hygroscopic substance plays a decisive role. Equilibrium relative humidity is defined as the humidity value acquired by the surrounding air without exchange of a substance with water in the air.

    This definition is clear that in order to successfully store and maintain these products, environmental climate control and packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, the taste of many foods will deteriorate if they are stored too dry. In response to this situation, a temperature and humidity recorder can be used to record changes in temperature and humidity in real time to ensure that food enters consumers' mouths safely.

    Application in vaccine cold chain

    Different vaccines and bacterins have different requirements for the storage and transportation environment temperature. To ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines during storage and transportation, the ambient temperature during storage and transportation must be monitored and recorded throughout the process.Temperature data logger applications.

    During the cold chain storage and transportation process of vaccines, bacterins and other biological products from the finished product warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory to the inoculation of relevant populations, the quality of the products can be confirmed and the effect of immunization can be guaranteed by monitoring and recording the ambient temperature.

    Application in the laboratory

    In the fields of medicine, biochemistry, instrument calibration, agriculture, construction and electrical appliances, the environmental conditions of the laboratory directly affect the results of various experiments or tests, and each experiment requires accurate and reliable monitoring instruments to provide accurate environmental parameters data.

    Museum cultural relics, archives management

    The paper of the archives can be stored for a longer period of time under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Once the temperature and humidity conditions are damaged, the paper will become brittle and important information will disappear. Therefore, it is necessary to record the temperature and humidity of the archives. , can prevent the occurrence of vicious accidents. The use of temperature and humidity recorders can save the cost of cultural relics preservation, making this work scientific and free from interference from too many human factors.

    Building materials experiment

    During the drying process of building materials, especially concrete, we should pay attention to its drying trend, which is one of the indicators for evaluating products and also provides reliable data for construction parties. The temperature and humidity recorder can be used to record this data and provide it to the building material research party, providing useful assistance for construction. Especially in military buildings, time is life. Accurately grasping the concrete drying time is the first to attack the enemy and provides a guarantee for effectively providing vital forces to the battlefield.

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