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    How to Use the Portable Gas Detector Correctly?

    In our living or working place, there are generally many types of gases, and some gases will seriously affect our health, this time we need to use portable gas detectors to detect the gas concentration value in the environment.

    Although the portable gas detector can accurately measure the concentration of gases in the environment, but in the process of using the portable gas detector also need to pay attention to some matters to ensure that it detects the performance as well as other aspects of the following by the sisco store with the introduction of the use of portable gas detector precautions.

    The Main Features of Portable Gas Detector

    • High sensitivity and reliability.details of portable gas detector
    • Beautiful appearance, easy to hold.
    • Long continuous working time.
    • Undervoltage indication function.

    Portable Gas Detector Correct Use Method

    1. Long press the on/off key for 3 seconds after the portable gas detector starts to r, after starting the portable gas detector will automatically enter the self-test interface, automatically displaying a variety of gas measurement parameters, the sensor needs to warm up 60 seconds after starting.
    2. Waiting for the portable gas detector to complete the above steps to automatically enter the main measurement interface, at this time the portable gas detector is in the official working state, if you need to use it in some restricted space can be used with the optional sampling handle.
    3. Press the menu key to enter the main menu of the setup function, at this time the screen will display the calibration settings, alarm settings, data logging, measurement settings, and system settings.
    4. Users can select the corresponding setup function according to their own needs by pressing the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, and press ENTER to enter each setup type.
    5. When the relevant parameters have been set, press ENTER to confirm and save, and press the menu key when you need to return to the previous menu.
    6. In the process of using it, you can press the menu key (MENU) and the on/off key at the same time to turn on or off the air pump.
    7. Press the left and right arrow keys at the same time to turn off or turn on the audible alarm.

    Notes on the Use of the Portable Gas Detector

    1. Before using the portable gas detector, you should read the instruction manual carefully to understand the performance and operation of the portable gas detector before using it.
    2. In the process of using the portable gas detector should always check the air inlet whether there is a blockage, if there is a blockage should be promptly cleaned or replaced.
    3. In the process of using the portable gas detector should try to avoid a collision, resulting in abnormal detection data.
    4. A portable gas detector is detected by the sensor, it belongs to the precision parts, in general, adjust the portable gas detector to not open the lid, but also need to pay attention to prevent water and impurities into the portable gas detector, resulting in data anomalies.
    5. If in the use of a portable gas detector in the process of continuous flashing lights, the display can not normally show the value of the current ambient gas obviously exceeds the standard and the portable gas detector did not respond, as well as the measurement of data to appear a large gap should be stopped, and timely elimination of anomalies before you can continue to use.
    6. A portable gas detector in the shutdown should be attached to the surface of the dust to clean up, and regularly do a good job of equipment cleaning.

    If the portable gas detector is not used for a long time, it should be turned off and stored in a dry, dust-free, and suitable temperature environment.

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