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    Sound Level Meters Troubleshooting

    A sound level meter is an instrument used to measure the intensity of sound, and it works based on the principle of pressure wave propagation and energy transfer of sound. Sound is a pressure wave caused by the vibration of air molecules, and these pressure waves propagate through the air and eventually reach the human ear.

    A sound level meter evaluates the intensity of sound by measuring these pressure waves of sound and converting them into units of sound intensity (decibels) that can be perceived by the human ear. If a sound level meter malfunctions, it may affect its measurement accuracy and function. Here are some common sound level meter malfunctions and how to troubleshoot them.

    Abnormal Display or No Display:

    • Ensure that the batteries of the sound level meter are fully charged or the power connection is normal.
    • Check if the switch of the noise meter is on. Some models may have a separate power switch.
    • Check that the sound level meter is in the correct measurement mode or range.

    Sound Level Meter Measurement Deviation:

    • Calibrate the sound level meter to ensure that the sound level meter meets the calibration intervals specified in the standard.
    • Ensure that the noise meter is measured in stable environmental conditions without other sources of interference.
    • Clean the measurement microphone to prevent dust or dirt from affecting the sound level meter measurement.sound level meter details

    Sound Level Meter Buttons or Controls are Not Working:

    • Check the buttons of the sound level meter for physical damage or jamming. Try gently cleaning the sound level meter buttons or making adjustments.
    • Check that the sound level meter has a device lockout feature. Some models may lock the sound level meter controls to prevent inadvertent operation.

    Noise Interference or Clutter:

    • Be sure that the surroundings of the sound level meter are quiet during measurements and that there are no other sources of interference that would interfere with the sound level meter's detection.
    • Check that the sound level meter's connecting cable is intact and not loose or broken.
    • Try changing different measurement positions of the sound level meter to eliminate possible sources of interference.

    Battery or Power Supply Problem:

    • Ensure that the sound level meter battery or power adapter is properly connected.
    • Replace the batteries in the sound level meter or try a different sound level meter power adapter.
    • Check for damage to the sound level meter's battery compartment or the sound level meter's connection plug.

    Storage or Transmission Data Problem:

    • Ensure that the sound level meter's storage or transmission function is operating properly.
    • Check that the sound level meter's storage media (e.g., SD card) is inserted correctly and working properly.

    Abnormal Alarms or Warnings:

    • Check the sound level meter's instruction manual for the specific meaning and solution of the sound level meter's alarms or warnings.

    If you experience a sound level meter malfunction, you can first try the common troubleshooting methods listed above. If the problem still exists, we recommend that you consult the user manual of the sound level meter, or contact the sisco store, we can provide you with technical support or further assistance and maintenance.

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