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    How to Install a Gas Detector?

    A gas detector is an instrument that detects the concentration of a gas. The gas detector is suitable for the existence of combustible or toxic gases in dangerous places and can be long-term continuous detection of the measured gas in the air within the lower explosive limit of the content. 

    It can be widely used in gas, petrochemical, metallurgy, iron and steel, coking, electric power, and other industries where combustible or toxic gases exist, and is an ideal monitoring instrument for protecting property and personal safety. Before we use the gas detector, how should be installed to make it play a better performance and operation, the next will be for you to answer the question.

    Installation of Gas Detectors

    The gas detector should be installed in the area where there may be gas leakage. The gas detector must be installed firmly, and the installation position should be decided according to the specific gravity of the gas to be measured relative to the air because the specific gravity of the gas to be measured is smaller than that of the air, so it should be installed at a place of 30~60cm from the ceiling. Fix the gas detector on the wall with φ8 expansion screws. 

    In order to use the gas detector correctly and prevent malfunction, do not install it in the following locations:

    • Places directly affected by steam or fumes.
    • Places with high airflow such as air supply vents, ventilation fans, and doors.
    • Places where there is a lot of water vapor and water droplets (relative humidity: more than 90%).
    • Places where the temperature is below -40℃ above 70℃.gas detector


    Wiring should use highly shielded wire to prevent interference with electrical signals, arrange the wire and open the top cover. 

    The gas detector generally adopts a three-wire transmission system, the terminal of the positive terminal of the power supply, the signal line, the negative terminal of the power supply were corresponding to access to a set of terminals of the channel module, the chassis ground (shielding network of the cable) is well grounded, after connecting the wires, fasten the chassis.


    After the wiring is complete, supply power to the detector. Just after startup, the reading will take about 15 minutes to stabilize from over-range to reading. 

    How to Maintain the Gas Detector 

    Machine Check: Check the gas detector regularly at normal times, it has a signal current of dc4ma in clean air.

    Sensor Maintenance: Generally in the installation and use of half a year to a year to recheck the calibration, and by the testing party out of the test report.

    When the gas detector sensor's loss of sensitivity needs to be replaced, regular calibration will know whether the sensor fails, when the calibration value does not reach the standard gas value, to replace the sensor.

    Through the above introduction, we found that the normal use of gas detectors can be we need to understand the installation steps and the use of its maintenance work, so that the gas detector to play its maximum effectiveness, to protect property and personal safety role.

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