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    How to Use a Crane Scale?

    Many users don't know how to operate the digital crane scale when they first use it. In the process of use, various problems may occur, which will lead to inaccurate weighing. The inability to display accurate data on the weight of objects will reduce the user's work efficiency. Next, SISCO will introduce in detail how to use the digital crane scale correctly.

    How to Use Digital Crane Scale?

    Digital crane scale

    • Before using the digital crane scale, the corresponding batteries should be installed into the scale body and the handheld device. When installing or replacing the battery, you must tighten the locking screw of the battery clip, check whether the battery clip is firmly fixed on the scale body, and then close and lock the hanging scale door to prevent accidents. When the instrument shows under voltage, replace the battery pack immediately, and charge the replaced battery in time to prevent battery damage. When the battery pack is not used for a long time, it should be charged regularly. Batteries should be stored in a dry, ventilated and temperature-appropriate environment, and avoid contact with corrosive substances.
    • The digital crane scale should avoid violent pulling and collision. Many electronic components inside the digital crane scale, such as integrated circuits, quartz crystals, sensors, displays, etc., may be damaged in severe collisions, which will cause the electronic scale to malfunction, affecting measurement accuracy and normal use. Users should avoid the scale from colliding with other objects or falling from high altitudes.
    • Do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will. When the electronic crane scale is in normal use, do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will, let alone open the sealing port on the sensor, and disassemble the integrated circuit and other components on the instrument. The maintenance of the crane scale must be carried out under the guidance of relevant technical personnel or with certain maintenance knowledge to prevent serious failures.

    Maintenance of Digital Crane Scale

    • When using the digital crane scale, always pay attention to checking whether the screws, bolts, and retaining rings of each part of the crane scale are loose or fall off, and then turn it on after confirming that it is correct to ensure safety and accurate measurement.
    • Avoid severe impact and long-term rain. In case of lightning when using outdoors, please shut down and suspend use.
    • When working in a high-temperature environment, you should order a high-temperature crane scale. At the same time, you must ensure that the distance between the bottom of the scale body and the hoisted heat source is greater than 1600mm, and the maximum temperature of the hoisted object must not exceed 1800°C. At the same time, pay attention not to work in a high-temperature area for a long time.
    • Avoid overloading to avoid damage to the sensor. When the weighing reaches 130% of the full scale, the system will alarm. At this time, the overload load should be removed and calculated accurately to ensure the quality of the crane scale.

    Tips for Operating an Electronic Crane Scale

    • The electronic crane scale has good anti-vibration and rainproof performance, but it should be protected from severe vibration and long-term rain, especially when the scale falls from the hook.
    • When the digital crane scale needs to work in a high-temperature environment, it should be noted that the hanging scale cannot stay in the high-temperature area for a long time. The general principle is that if the casing of the crane scale is not hot (70°C), it will not have a negative effect on the crane scale.
    • Avoid overload to avoid sensor damage.
    • When storing, it should be placed in a matching packing box. The digital crane scale should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%.
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