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    What are the Types of Pressure Gauges?

    Pressure measurement is the measurement of the force exerted by a fluid on a surface. Pressure is usually measured in units of force per unit of surface area. Many techniques have now been developed globally to measure pressure and vacuum. Instruments used to measure and display pressure mechanically are called pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, or compound gauges. The following are the common types of pressure gauges.

    Borden Tube Pressure Gauge

    The sensitive element of the borden tube is an elastic C-shaped tube bent into a round shape with an elliptical cross-sectional area. The pressure of the measuring medium acts on the inside of the fluctuating tube, so that the elliptical cross-section of the bourdon tube tends to the circular cross-section. Due to the small deformation of the borden tube, a certain ring stress is formed.

    This ring stress causes the borden tube to extend outwards. Since the head of the elastic borden tube is not fixed, a small deformation occurs, the size of which depends on the pressure of the measuring medium. The deformation of the borden tube is indirectly indicated by the pointer of the measuring medium through the movement.

    Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

    The diaphragm isolator and general-purpose pressure gauge are composed of a system of diaphragm gauge, suitable for measuring strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, easy to coagulate, there are solids floating in the media pressure, as well as the need to avoid the measurement of the media directly into the general-purpose pressure gauge and to prevent the accumulation of precipitates easy to plot the occasion.pressure gauge 

    The diaphragm pressure gauge is mainly used for petrochemical, alkali, chemical fiber, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and cheese, and other industrial sectors of the production process flow fluid medium pressure.

    Explosion-proof Pressure Gauge

    Explosion-proof pressure gauge is suitable for use in flammable and explosive occasions, it is different from the ordinary pressure gauge, the explosion-proof pressure gauge is more demanding. First of all, the safety factor is high or not, there are many types of explosion-proof pressure gauges, how to choose the right pressure gauge for you, you need to think about the whole picture.

    Explosion-proof Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

    Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge explosion-proof shell has a good performance of explosion-proof, so explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge in the normal course of work due to the influence of sparks or arcs. In addition, to withstand the explosive gas mixture inside the shell in the event of an explosion caused by the explosion of the pressure generated in the case of the explosion.

    And can effectively prevent the resulting heat to the outside of the smooth propagation of the shell can only be in the shell inside the shell along the explosion-proof joints along the explosion-proof surface of the tiny gaps in the slow diffusion to the outside. At this point, the instantaneous temperature transmitted to the outside of the shell has been reduced to the ignition temperature of explosive gas mixtures below, so it does not lead to the transmission of an explosion.

    Explosion-proof Digital (Pointer) Display Pressure Gauge

    High precision, high stability, error≤1%, internal power supply, micro-power consumption, stainless steel shell, strong protection, beautiful and delicate. Explosion-proof digital display pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power stations, and other industrial sectors or mechanical and electrical equipment supporting the measurement of the pressure of a variety of fluid media with explosive hazards.

    Vacuum Pressure Gauge 

    A vacuum Pressure Gauge is used to measure the pressure or negative pressure of a non-crystallizing, non-condensing liquid, gas, or steam medium without corrosion on steel, copper, and copper alloy, and without the danger of explosion. Shock-resistant vacuum pressure gauge table for vibration and pressure fluctuations, measurement of non-corrosive, non-crystallization of the negative pressure of the medium. 

    Electric contact pressure vacuum gauge and electric contact vacuum gauge for copper and copper alloy corrosion, no explosion risk of non-crystallization, non-condensable liquids, gases, and other media and negative pressure measurement, when the pressure reaches a predetermined value, with the help of contact device, can be connected or disconnected from the control circuit, and at the same time send out an electrical signal.

    Currently, pressure gauges are important instruments for measuring and indicating pressures above ambient pressure, and are extremely common in almost all industrial processes and scientific research areas. sisco store offers a wide selection of pressure gauges with different psi measurement ranges such as 0 to 160 psi gauge and 0 to 200 psi gauge.

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