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    Distance Measuring Wheel, 12 Inch

    Distance measuring wheel for yard and track measurement, wheel diameter of 12 inches, expandable extension to 40 inches, folding structure can be easily put into the carry bag, easy to carry. Measuring wheel is widely used in professional surveying and mapping operations, road works, pipeline laying works of measurement and evaluation.
    SKU: SISCO-MW-J316
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    12 Inch distance measuring wheel for sale, accuracy ±0.5%, forward count increases, reverse count decreases. The measuring wheel has a flexible telescopic pole that allows you to use it in higher terrain.

    Measuring wheel detail

    Accurate measurement, folding structure, easy to carry.

    • Rolling measure wheel without extra battery power supply, more convenient to use.
    • The reading window is designed with a magnifying glass to enlarge the font for easy reading.
    • Key reset zero/magnifying glass setting for easy reading.
    • The digital measuring wheel counts by electromagnetic induction principle, and the data is displayed on the LCD screen for easy reading.
    • Scroll the wheel forward to increase the number, and backward to reduce the number.
    • The folding structure can be easily put into the carry bag, easy to carry.



    Distance measuring wheels are widely used in professional mapping operations, road works, pipeline laying works, wire and cable works and other construction operations for measurement and evaluation.

    Measuring wheel applications

    • Model: SISCO-MW-SDS-J316
    • Extension Height: 102cm (40 inch)
    • Folded Height: 48cm ( 18 inch)
    • Wheel Diameter: 32cm (12 inch)
    • Accuracy:+0.5%
    • Net Weight: 1.4kg
    • Tire Thickness: 9mm
    • Measuring Range: 9999.9mm


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    Road measuring wheel dimension


    Q1: How is the measuring wheel measured?
    A1: By pressing the reset button of the measuring wheel counter, then starting measuring, the count increases when moving forward and decreases when moving backward, and finally the distance can be obtained by the number of revolutions of the wheel. The mechanical distance-measuring wheel is designed with high quality and precision, small, light, and durable, and is widely used for measuring and evaluating construction work such as road works, pipeline laying works, wire and cable works, etc.

    Q2: What is the measuring wheel used for?
    A2: The measuring wheel is mainly used for land surveying and mapping, road construction, cable laying, and course marking. It can also be used for the construction measurement of landscape and golf courses, the measurement of traffic accident distance and location, and the measurement of farmland construction management, etc.

    Q3: What is a measuring wheel?
    A3: A measuring wheel also known as a surveyor's wheel, click wheel, odometer, or trundle wheel – is a tool used to measure distances. Measuring wheels have a counting mechanism that counts the number of rotations and uses the circumference of the wheel to calculate the distance covered.

    Tips: How to use the distance measuring wheel?

    1. Remove the distance measuring wheel from the bag.
    2. Hold the handle in one hand and the handle stub in the other and unfold it.
    3. Push down on the stub to lock it in place and prevent it from bending during use.
    4. Push down on the zero button to zero the value.
    5. The pointer of the dimension line of the measured length is centered perpendicular to the dimension line.
    6. Push the distance measuring wheel and keep it on a straight path.
    7. Once the wheel has been pushed to the destination to be measured, keep the pointer of the dimension line to be measured still perpendicular to the dimension line.
    8. Read the value next to the counter and record it.
    9. When you have finished using the gauge, press the zero button to return the value to zero.
    10. After use, remove the bottom feet of the measuring wheel.
    11. Stand the wheel on its side for the next use.

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