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    Mini Handheld Digital Crane Scale 30g to 50kg

    Mini handheld digital crane scale for sale. Mini digital crane scale equipped with LCD screen, measuring range 30g-50kg. Crane weight scale with unit switch includes pound/city catty/ounce/kilo. Made of high quality stainless steel hook, super load-bearing and stronger weighing performance. Small and easy to carry. Applicable to vegetable markets, roadside stalls, express parcels, supermarkets, luggage weighing.
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    Mini handheld crane scale come with LCD screen, measuring range 30g-50kg, apply in vegetable markets, supermarkets, luggage weighing and so on.

    Mini hanging crane scale

    Compact design, easy to carry

    • 2 seconds to display the weight, responsive
    • Precise sensing technology, more accurate weighing
    Portable mini crane scale units switch

    Key conversion unit, clearer reading

    • Measuring range 30g-50kg
    • ABS plastic shell, stainless steel handle and hook, high-precision sensor


    Mini portable crane scale buttomMini handheld crane scale size


    Electronic crane scales are mainly used in slaughtering meat joints, meat wholesale, storage supermarkets, rubber manufacturing, paper making and other industries to weigh items on the suspension track. In daily life, they are mostly used in vegetable markets, roadside stalls, express packages, supermarkets and The suitcase is weighed.

    Mini digital crane scale application



    Model SISCO-A08-SZ
    Screen display LCD screen
    Measuring range 30g-50kg
    Tolerance scope About 20g is a normal error
    Use battery 2 AAA batteries
    Material PP+resin+stainless steel
    Division value 5g (<10kg weight)
    10g (>10kg weight)
    Unit switch Pound/City Catty/Ounce/Kilogram

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    Q1: What is digital crane scale?

    A1: The electronic crane scale is composed of three parts: a sensor, a scale frame, and a weighing display controller. It is a weighing instrument that makes objects in a suspended state to measure their mass (weight). There are two types of electronic crane scales, one is wireless digital electronic crane scale, and the other is direct-view electronic crane scale.

    Q2: What is crane scale working principle?

    A2:The working principle of the electronic crane scale is composed of electronic components - weighing sensor, amplifier circuit, AD conversion circuit, single-chip microcomputer circuit, display circuit, keyboard circuit, communication interface circuit, regulated power supply circuit and other circuits.

    The weight of the object acts on the sensor through the hook, which is converted into a corresponding analog voltage signal by the sensor and sent to the data acquisition board, and then converted into a corresponding digital signal by amplification, filtering, and A/D, and then processed by the data processing board of the instrument to obtain the corresponding signal. The weight data is displayed by the display screen, which is directly embedded on the scale body of the crane scale. The operator can directly view relevant information such as weight data from the display window of the scale body.

    Q3: How does digital crane scale work?

    A3: When the object is hung on the hook of the tension gauge, the pressure is applied to the sensor, and the sensor is deformed, so that the impedance changes, and at the same time, the excitation voltage is changed to output a changed analog signal. The signal is amplified by the amplifying circuit and output to the analog-to-digital converter. It is converted into a digital signal that is easy to process and output to the CPU operation control. The CPU outputs this result to the display according to keyboard commands and programs. until this result is displayed.

    Tips: How to use digital crane scale correctly?

    1. When installing or replacing the battery, tighten the battery clip, check whether the battery clip is firmly fixed on the scale body, and then close and lock the crane scale door. When the meter shows undervoltage, the battery pack should be replaced immediately and charged in time. Batteries should be stored in a dry, ventilated and temperature-friendly environment.
    2. There are many electronic components inside the electronic crane scale. When the electronic crane scale is subjected to severe collision, these components may be damaged and cause the electronic scale to malfunction. To avoid the scale body colliding with other objects or falling from high altitude, the instrument should be handled gently Put it, don't put it randomly.
    3. When the electronic crane scale is in normal use, do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will, let alone open the sealing port on the sensor, and disassemble the integrated circuit and other components on the instrument.
      The shell of the electronic crane scale is made of ABS engineering plastics. When cleaning, please use a soft cloth with water or detergent to wipe it. It is strictly forbidden to use benzene, nitro solvents, caustic soda liquid and other corrosive substances for cleaning.
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    Ryan | 8/24/2023 11:08 PM
    Looks and feels well made
    Looks and feels well made. This crane scale seems pretty accurate and easy to read. I used it on the boat over the past year well looked after. Highly recommended!!!