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    Portable Digital Hanging Crane Scale 20g to 200kg

    Portable digital hanging crane scale for sale, made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel, measure range 20g to 200kg. Equipped with LCD backlit display, high-precision sensor, the accuracy reaches 0.05kg and multiple unit conversion Lb/N/kg. Digital crane scale with power supply No. 7 dry battery saves electricity, which is durable, easy to replace. Widely used in fruit weighing, material warehouse, steel weighing, food industry.
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    Portable digital crane scale comes with high-precision sensor, high-quality plastic and stainless steel, compact structure. Crane weight scale with LCD backlit display has optional units switch.

    Portable crane scale unit
    • High precision 0.05kg, can weigh 200kg, easy to carry
    • Upgraded high-precision sensor, stable and accurate weighing
    • Various unit conversions
    • Press the "MODE" button to switch the weighing unit
    Portable crane scale function
    • High-strength stainless steel ring, strong and durable
    • Comprehensive functions, simple and practical operation


    Portable crane scale size

    Hanging crane scale details


    Electronic crane scales are widely used in daily life, such as fruit weighing, material warehouse, steel, grain industry and so on.

    Portable crane scale application

    Model SISCO-LB-H01
    Material High quality plastic + stainless steel
    Product range 0.02~200kg
    Weighing unit KG/Lb/N
    Screen LCD display
    Power supply AAA dry cell*2
    Dimension 28.9*7.9*3.5cm
    Accuracy 0.05kg
    Measurement method Electronic
    Display size 4*2.7cm
    Luminous color White night light

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    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.

    Q1: What is digital crane scale?

    A1: The electronic crane scale is composed of three parts: a sensor, a scale frame, and a weighing display controller. It is a weighing instrument that makes objects in a suspended state to measure their mass (weight). There are two types of electronic crane scales, one is wireless digital electronic crane scale, and the other is direct-view electronic crane scale.

    Q2: What is crane scale working principle?

    A2:The working principle of the electronic crane scale is composed of electronic components - weighing sensor, amplifier circuit, AD conversion circuit, single-chip microcomputer circuit, display circuit, keyboard circuit, communication interface circuit, regulated power supply circuit and other circuits.

    The weight of the object acts on the sensor through the hook, which is converted into a corresponding analog voltage signal by the sensor and sent to the data acquisition board, and then converted into a corresponding digital signal by amplification, filtering, and A/D, and then processed by the data processing board of the instrument to obtain the corresponding signal. The weight data is displayed by the display screen, which is directly embedded on the scale body of the crane scale. The operator can directly view relevant information such as weight data from the display window of the scale body.

    Q3: How does digital crane scale work?

    A3: When the object is hung on the hook of the tension gauge, the pressure is applied to the sensor, and the sensor is deformed, so that the impedance changes, and at the same time, the excitation voltage is changed to output a changed analog signal. The signal is amplified by the amplifying circuit and output to the analog-to-digital converter. It is converted into a digital signal that is easy to process and output to the CPU operation control. The CPU outputs this result to the display according to keyboard commands and programs. until this result is displayed.

    Tips: What is digital crane scale application?

    Direct-view electronic crane scale:

    It is widely used in logistics warehouses, industrial supplier workshops, market trade markets and other fields for material entry and exit statistics, warehouse inventory control, and finished product weight weighing.

    Wireless electronic crane scale:

    It is widely used in cargo loading and unloading weighing in harsh industrial and mining occasions such as railway terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, and supplier mines.

    Explosion-proof electronic crane scale:

    Can be used in hazardous gas or dust occasions, such as paint, paint, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries.

    High temperature resistant hook scale:

    It is especially suitable for weighing in high temperature and magnetic fields such as ladle, iron ladle, electrolytic aluminum ladle, metal casting, and electromagnetic chuck.

    Monorail electronic crane scale:

    It is mainly used in slaughtering meat joints, meat wholesale, storage supermarkets, rubber manufacturing, paper making and other industries to weigh items on the suspension track.

    Hook scale:

    Mainly used in metallurgy, steel suppliers, railways, logistics and other occasions for weighing large-tonnage goods, such as containers, ladles, ladles, coils, etc.

    Lifting weight limit crane scale:

    It is mainly used for overload protection during the working process of cranes in metallurgy, logistics, railways, ports, and industrial and mining enterprises.


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    wenly | 9/4/2023 9:44 PM
    High accuracy
    I am very satisfied with this portable digital hanging crane scale, with a clear digital display, high accuracy, and a measuring range from 20g to 200kg. Moreover, its portability allows me to carry it with me at any time, which is very useful both on the work site and in daily life.