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    Portable Digital Water Turbidity Meter, 50 NTU

    50 NTU Digital water turbidity meter is equipped with an LCD display with backlight for accurate readings, which can effectively avoid the influence of natural light on the readings. It adopts the Formazine standard solution of turbidity specified in international standard ISO7027, with lower consumption and AC & DC power supply convenience for operating outside or laboratory.
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    50 NTU handheld water turbidity meter equipped with backlight display and operation keyboard, it has comprehensive functions, simple operation, simple interface, automatic recognition of turbidity fiber optic sensor, reading and storage of measurement data, sensor calibration and other functions. It also supports both AC and DC power supply modes, achieving more high-end functions.


    Turbidity meter detail

    High-end hardware configuration

    • LED LCD with backlight Intuitive reading, easy to use
    • High-precision optical system, effectively improves turbidity meter's accuracy and repeatability
    Turbidity meter features
    • Two power supply modes: AC and DC, convenient for portability and easy measurement
    • Appropriate measurement range with simple operation.


    A portable turbidity meter is used to measure the degree of scattering produced by insoluble particles suspended in water or transparent liquids, and can quantitatively indicate the content of these suspended particulate matter. It can be widely used in various sectors such as power plants, pure water plants, municipal water treatment plants, beverage plants, departments, industrial water, the wine industry, the pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, and other departments for turbidity determination.

    Wine industry

    Wine Industry



    Sewage disposal

    Sewage disposal

    Water quality

    Water Quality



    Model SISCO-PTM-50B
    Measuring Principle 90° Scattered Light
    Measuring Range (NTU) 0 - 50
    Reading Accuracy 0.01
    Reading Stability ± 1.5% (F.S 30min)
    Zero Drift ± 1.5% (F.S 30min)
    Repeatability (Linearity Error) ≤ 2%
    Indication Error (Basic Error) ± 6%
    Net Weight 0.4kg
    Instrument Dimension 105 × 195 × 50mm
    Package Dimension 315 × 215 × 85mm


    Packing List

    • 1 x Turbidity meter
    • 1 x Light shield
    • 2 x Sample bottles
    • 1 x 100ml standard solution
    • 1 x 6V power supply

    Turbidity meter packing list


    Q1: What is the turbidity meter used for?
    A1: The turbidimeter is an instrument used for measuring the turbidity of a liquid by determining the degree to which particles suspended in the solution decrease the intensity of light lost as a beam is passed through it. The devices are considered important tools for monitoring water quality.

    Q2: What is the turbidimeter theory?
    A2: Turbidimetry is based on the measurement of the loss of intensity of transmitted light in an emulsion (or solution containing fine particles) due to the scattering effect of particles suspended in it. Nephelometry is based on the measurement of scattered light by a solution containing fine particles.

    Q3: What precautions should be taken during turbidity meter?
    A3: 1. Measure in time after sampling to avoid the lack of authenticity of the measurement results due to temperature changes and water sample particle settlement.
    2. The sample bottle must be cleaned very clean to avoid scratches and scratches.

    Tips: How does a turbidimeter work?

    A turbidimeter works by sending a light beam into the water to be tested. This light will then be scattered by any suspended particles. A light detector is placed at a 90 degree angle to the light source, and detects the amount of light that is reflected back at it.


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