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    Smart Digital Multimeter

    High-precision smart digital multimeter is a true RMS intelligent multi meter, with 39999 display digits, automatic range/manual range switching, and 0.1% basic DCV accuracy. The digital multimeter has full functions to set the upper and lower limits of measurement and over-range alarm.
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    High-resolution digital multimeter accurately measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC current, and resistance. The smart multimeter can be connected to the mobile phone via wireless (Bluetooth) to ensure safer monitoring, data logging and diagnosis.

    Smart digital multimeter detail

    LCD large screen backlight display

    • The measurement data function symbol display.
    • The digital multimeter with ultra-large screen with high definition can accurately display data with backlight.
    Smart digital multimeter detail

    Smart digital multimeter with vertical stand design

    • A vertical stand can be fixed to support the placement of the machine body.
    • Free your hands for easy operation and reading.


    Smart digital multimeter size


    SISCO digital multimeter is a versatile tool used in various applications, including electronics repair, electrical maintenance, car repair and laboratory testing. It measures voltage, current, and resistance, and often includes additional features such as capacitance, frequency, and temperature measurement. Its precision and multifunctionality make it essential for diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical issues in both professional and educational settings.

    Digital multimeter for car repair

    Car Repair

    Digital multimeter for electronics repair

    Electronics Repair

    Digital multimeter for laboratory testing

    Laboratory Testing

    Digital multimeter for electrical maintenance

    Electrical Maintenance



    Model SISCO-DM-71E
    Basic functions Range Basic accuracy
    DC Voltage 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V Β±(0.025%+5)
    AC Voltage 4V/40V/400V/1000V Β±(0.4%+30)
    DC Current 400γŽ‚/4000γŽ‚/40γŽƒ/400γŽƒ/10A Β±(0.1%+15)
    AC Current 400γŽ‚/4000γŽ‚/40γŽƒ/400γŽƒ/10A Β±(0.7%+15)
    Resistance 400Ξ©/4㏀/40㏀/4㏁/40㏁ Β±(0.3%+8)
    Frequency 40Hz~400MHz Β±(0.1%+5)
    Resistor 40γŽ‹/400γŽ‹/4㎌/40㎌/400㎌/4mF/40mF Β±(1%+20)
    Power 2500W Β±(2%+5)
    Special Function Range Basic accuracy
    Maximum Display 39999
    Data Storage 100 groups
    Frequency Response 100kHz √
    Duty Cycle 10%~90% √
    Input Impedance DC 200mA: Around 2.5G, All other range:10M √
    4-20mA% 0~100% √
    Auto Range √
    True RMS √
    Diode Test √
    Auto Shutdown √
    On/off Beep √
    Low Voltage Display √
    Digital Hold √
    Relative Measurement √
    Maximum/Minimum Value √
    USB Data Transmission √
    LCD Dual Backlight √
    Analog Bar √
    Full Symbol Display √
    Function Setting √
    10A Fuse √
    Current Measurement Misalignment Alarm √
    Voltage and Current: AC=+DC √


    Smart digital multimeter display


    Q1: What is a digital multimeter?
    A1: A digital multimeter (DMM) is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. It can measure voltage, current, and resistance, and some models can also measure additional parameters like capacitance, frequency, and temperature.

    Q2: Can a digital multimeter perform a diode test?
    A2: Yes, a digital multimeter can perform a diode test if it has the diode test function. Set the dial to the diode test mode, insert the probes into the correct ports, and touch the probes to the diode's anode and cathode. The multimeter will display the forward voltage drop of the diode.

    Q3: Can a digital multimeter perform a continuity test?
    A3: Yes, a digital multimeter can perform a continuity test. Set the dial to the continuity test mode, insert the probes into the correct ports, and touch the probes to the two points in the circuit you want to test. If the circuit is continuous, the multimeter will beep.

    Tips: Safety Precautions When Using a Pen Type Digital Multimeter

    Using a pen-type digital multimeter safely involves understanding the device and adhering to specific guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure accurate measurements. Here are key safety precautions:

    1. Inspect the Multimeter: Check for any damage on the multimeter and probes before use.
    2. Correct Mode and Range: Always set the multimeter to the correct measurement mode (voltage, current, resistance) before use.
    3. Power Off: If possible, turn off power to the circuit before connecting or disconnecting the probes.
    4. Use One Hand: When measuring high voltage, use one hand to reduce the risk of electric shock.
    5. Dry Environment: Ensure the environment is dry to prevent short circuits or inaccurate readings.

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    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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