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    0.1-100ml Mini Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    0.1-100 ml ultrasonic homogenizer price is affordable and portable for use. The horn is included in the standard package of mini handheld homogenizer. (The diameter of the horn can be chosen). Frequency tracking and amplitude compensation adopt automatic mode, with stable load and high electro-acoustic conversion rate.
    SKU: SISCO-HUH-100
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    This handheld ultrasonic homogenizer allows continuous uninterrupted ultrasound, automatic frequency tracking and automatic resonance point and power control, eliminating the need for frequent manual energy adjustment.

    Handheld ultrasonic homogenizer detail one

    Horn of ultrasonic homogenizer is made of titanium alloy material

    • Titanium alloy material which has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
    • Frequency tracking and amplitude compensation adopt automatic mode, with stable load and high electro-acoustic conversion rate.
    Handheld ultrasonic homogenizer detail two

    Mini ultrasonic homogenizer is portable and compact in structure

    • It can be hand-held or can be fixed with a bracket.
    • Metal stainless steel plug-in opening.
    • Independent power supply, easy to carry.


    A mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizer is a laboratory instrument used for sample preparation in scientific research. It is a compact and handheld device. Mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizers are commonly used in various scientific and industrial applications for cell disruption, sample preparation, emulsification, and dispersion of nanoparticles.

    Handheld ultrasonic homogenizer application

    • Model: HX-MINI300-100
    • Power: 150W
    • Input Output: 100-230VAC
    • Frequency: 30 KHz
    • Capacity: 0.1-100 ml
    • Optional Horn: 1.5, 2, 3, 6, 8 mm
    • Horn Material: titanium alloy
    • Single Ultrasound Time: <30 min
    • Single Interval Time: 0.1-99.9s
    • Operation mode: continuously

    Q1: What is mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizer?
    A1: A mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizer is a laboratory instrument used to disrupt, emulsify, and disperse samples in a variety of applications, such as cell disruption, nanoparticle synthesis, and homogenization of biological and chemical samples.

    Q2: What are the three types of homogenizer?
    A2: The three main types to consider when looking for the right homogenizer for your lab are: pressure, mechanical and ultrasonic homogenizers. They range in size from small handheld homogenizers to large industrial size homogenizers.

    Q3: What is the working principle of ultrasonic homogenizer?
    A3: Basically, an ultrasonic homogenizer has a tip which very rapidly vibrates, causing bubbles in the surrounding solution to rapidly form and collapse. This creates shear and shock waves which tear apart cells and particles.

    Tips: What are the 4 methods of homogenization?

    • Mechanical homogenization. This method involves physically breaking down larger particles into smaller ones by using force or shear. This can be done using a homogenizer or a high-speed blender.
    • Ultrasonic homogenization. This method uses high-frequency sound waves to break apart larger particles into smaller ones. It is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Pressure homogenization. This method involves passing a mixture through a small opening under high pressure, which causes the particles to break down into smaller ones.
    • Chemical homogenization. This method involves adding chemicals to a mixture to break apart larger particles into smaller ones. This is commonly used in the production of certain types of plastics and other materials.

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    Zoe | 9/26/2023 11:25 PM
    Good homogeneous effect
    Firstly, it is compact and portable, making it ideal for laboratory use. Not only does it have a wide power range, but it can also homogenize samples quickly. It is easy to operate and you can obtain a homogeneous mixing result in just a few steps. The ultrasonic technology ensures efficient sample dispersion and homogenization. Very satisfied!