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    12V Car Battery Tester

    The 12V car battery tester is available for sale at a cheap price, making it a reliable option for assessing your car battery's health. It can analyze various aspects of the battery's condition, including voltage, cold cranking amps (CCA), internal resistance, and overall capacity.
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    SISCO car battery tester, equipped with 12V capability, offers high quality and reliability, utilizing advanced conductance testing technology. The car battery tester can quickly measure the battery's health and assess the system condition.

    Car battery tester screen

    Car battery tester large screen design

    • Test results can be stored as QR code
    • Continuous test without heating
    • 8 Languages: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, French
    Car battery tester detail

    12V car battery tester design

    • LCD color screen makes it clearer and brighter to see at night
    • All 12V Lead-acid Batteries AGM-GEL-SPIRAL-SLI
    • Add 12V lithium battery test
    • Exclusive patents testing cable


    The SISCO Car Battery Tester assesses the health and performance of car batteries, helping determine if a battery functions properly, needs recharging, or requires replacement. Its applications include battery health checks, internal resistance measurements, car repair, and battery system tests. The car battery tester is compatible with 12-volt lead-acid and lithium-type batteries and conducts tests on 12V car systems. Regular testing helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and enhances battery longevity.

    Car repair professional

    Car Repair

    Internal resistance test

    Internal Resistance Test

    Battery system test

    Battery System Test

    Battery health check

    Battery Health Check



    Model SISCO-BT-MICRO500
    Working environment temp -18℃-50℃
    Special test clip Double conductor Kelvin clamp
    Housing material Acid-resistant ABS plastic
    The length of testing cables 55cm
    Measure Standard CCA Measure Range 40-3000
    BCI 40-3000
    CA 40-3000
    MCA 40-3000
    JIS 26A17--YTZ6
    DIN 40-2000
    IEC 40-2000
    EN 40-3000
    SAE 40-3000
    GB(Ah) 3-360Ah

    Q1: What is a battery tester? 
    A1: A battery tester is a device used to measure the remaining charge, voltage, and overall health of a battery. It helps determine whether a battery is still functional or needs to be recharged or replaced, ensuring optimal performance for various electronic devices.

    Q2: What is the difference between a battery tester and a multimeter?
    A2: A battery tester specifically measures the charge, voltage, and health of a battery, providing a quick assessment of its condition. A multimeter, on the other hand, is a versatile tool that measures various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance across different components, not limited to just batteries.

    Q3: What is the purpose of battery testing?
    A3: The purpose of battery testing is to evaluate the condition, performance, and remaining life of a battery. It helps determine if a battery is still functional, needs recharging, or requires replacement. Regular battery testing ensures optimal performance, prevents unexpected failures, and enhances the safety and reliability of devices that rely on batteries.

    Tips: How often should you test a car battery?

    Testing a car battery is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Ideally, you should test your car battery at least twice a year. This biannual check ensures that the battery is performing optimally and helps prevent unexpected breakdowns.

    In regions with extreme weather conditions, such as very hot summers or very cold winters, it is advisable to test your battery more frequently. Extreme temperatures can significantly impact battery performance and lifespan. Testing the battery before the onset of these seasons can help ensure your vehicle remains reliable.

    Additionally, if you notice any signs of battery trouble, such as difficulty starting the engine, dimming headlights, or electrical issues, it's wise to test the battery immediately. Early detection of battery issues can save you from inconvenient and potentially costly breakdowns.


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    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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    ted | 7/15/2024 7:28 PM
    The car battery tester is very easy to use.
    The car battery tester is very easy to use, compact, and just as accurate as my old-school resistive load tester with a needle gauge. Decent quality product for testing batteries. Has worked well to test out batteries.