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    Concrete Moisture Meter

    Good price and high quality concrete moisture meter for sale online. Large screen with backlight, the response time of concrete moisture tester is 1s. This type of moisture meter is used for measuring moisture content of timber, wood, bamboo, carton, concrete, glasses and other materials.
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    A concrete moisture meter is a handheld or portable device used to measure the moisture content within concrete structures. It employs various techniques such as electrical impedance or capacitance to gauge the moisture level, helping prevent issues like mold growth, deterioration, and structural damage.


    1. Data hold function and low battery alert.
    2. Concrete moisture meter can testing 10 kinds of materials with different codes.
    3. It is portable, compact, easy to use and the moisture measurement readings are instant.
    4. Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the somber conditions.
    5. The moisture meter operates by high-frequency principle and has automatic temperature compensation.
    Concrete moisture meter detail one

    LCD display/Operation area

    • Concrete moisture meter with a backlight LCD technology clear display, and low power consumption.
    • Microprocessor control, concrete moisture tester built-in program automatic protection measures, good stability.
    Concrete moisture meter detail two

    Probe type sensor/Power Supply

    • Wide working range, probe type sensor can be used for in-depth measurement of materials.
    • The power supply of the moisture detector is equipped with 4 No.7 batteries.


    The moisture meter, also known as the moisture detector, is an instrument that can quickly measure the moisture content. It is used for the moisture control of raw materials, production process, laboratory final quality control and other links in various industries such as food, chemical, plastic, agriculture and forestry.

    Concrete moisture meter application

    Model MS300
    Display 4 digital LCD
    Measuring Range 0-70%
    Operating Conditions Temperature: 0-60 °C Humidity: 5%-90% RH
    Accuracy ± 0.5 (main moisture range)
    Operation electrical resistance method, automatic temperature compensation
    Power Supply 4x1.5 AAA size (UM-4) battery
    Dimension main unit 140 mm×60 mm×22 mm
    Net Weight 120g (not including batteries)

    Q1: How does a moisture meter work?
    A1: The portable moisture detector is composed of a capacitance sensor, C/V conversion circuit, A/D converter and LCD digital display circuit. After the capacitance sensor is scooped into the tested grain, the medium is a variety of different grains tested. Since the dielectric constant of water is much larger than that of general substances, a small change in the measured grain water content will cause a large change in the capacitance of the sensor. Through the C/V conversion circuit and A/D converter, the LCD digital circuit directly shows the percentage of the measured grain water content.

    Q2: What are the types of moisture meters?
    A2: A moisture meter (moisture tester)  is a measuring instrument for moisture content that can quickly determine the moisture content of a substance. Commonly used moisture meters include chemical moisture meters, paper moisture meters, infrared moisture meters, grain moisture meters, building materials moisture meters, mortar moisture meters, crack moisture meters, soil moisture meters and wood moisture meters.

    Q3: Why need a moisture meter?
    A3: A moisture meter is essential for measuring the moisture content of materials, especially in fields like agriculture, construction, and woodworking. It helps prevent issues like mold, decay, and structural damage by ensuring optimal moisture levels. In agriculture, it aids in determining the right time for planting and harvesting. For construction, it prevents damage due to excessive moisture in building materials. In woodworking, it prevents warping or cracking of finished products. By providing quick and accurate moisture readings, moisture meters enable informed decisions, efficient processes, and the preservation of quality and safety across various industries.

    Tips: How to choose a moisture meter?

    • Determine Your Application. Consider what you'll be using the moisture meter for. Moisture meters are used in various industries such as woodworking, construction, agriculture, and home inspection. Different applications might require specific types of moisture meters.
    • Type of Material. Identify the type of material you'll be measuring moisture in. Moisture meters are designed for specific materials like wood, concrete, drywall, grains, and more. Make sure the moisture meter you choose is suitable for the material you'll be working with.
    • Measurement Range. Check the measurement range of the moisture meter. It should cover the expected moisture levels of the material you'll be testing. Some meters are better suited for dry materials, while others are designed for high-moisture environments.
    • Measurement Depth. Consider how deep you need to measure moisture. Some meters offer different penetration depths, which can be crucial if you need to assess moisture levels at different depths within a material.

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    Frank | 8/27/2023 11:52 PM
    Great for checking moisture
    During these heavy rains we had a roof leak behind the drywall (between exterior stucco and drywall). This moisture meter did a great job of identifying moisture levels even where it was not obvious it was wet.