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    Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester

    High-accuracy concrete rebound hammer tester used for testing of concrete compressive strength within the scope of 10-60Mpa, nominal energy of 2.207J. The concrete rebound hammer designed to be lightweight and compact, the rebound hammer is easy to carry and use on-site, making it convenient for fieldwork and on-the-spot assessments.
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    Buy SISCO concrete test hammer online, the rebound hammer tester has a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa. The concrete rebound hammer comes with a high-precision scale, which enables high accuracy and a longer service life.


    • Non-Destructive Testing: The Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester provides a non-destructive method to estimate the compressive strength of concrete, ensuring that the structural integrity of the tested area remains unaffected.
    • Portability: Designed to be lightweight and compact, the rebound hammer is easy to carry and use on-site, making it convenient for fieldwork and on-the-spot assessments.
    • Easy Operation: The tester is user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate, allowing quick and efficient testing with straightforward procedures.
    • Direct Readings: Equipped with a clear and easy-to-read scale, the hammer provides immediate rebound numbers, facilitating rapid evaluation of concrete hardness.
    Concrete rebound hammer tester detail

    Designed with clear ruler

    • The pointer axis is smooth and the ruler is easy to read.
    • Uniform friction, standard of measurement.
    Concrete rebound hammer tester detail

    Easy to operate

    • Stainless steel material, compression resistance, elastic up to hundreds of thousands of times.
    • The operation is easy and effortless.
    • It can also be operated easily by non-professionals.


    Concrete rebound hammer tester structure


    Rebound hammers find extensive applications in the construction and engineering industries for evaluating the quality, strength, and integrity of concrete structures. Some of the key applications include building inspection, project acceptance, cement plant inspection and highway bridge inspection.


    Project Acceptance


    Cement Plant Inspection

    Cement mortar

    Highway Bridge Inspection

    Building Inspection



    Model SISCO-RH-HD225A
    Strength Measurement Range 10-60 MPa
    Nominal Energy 2.207J
    Spring Stiffness 185±30N/m
    Maximum Friction of Pointer System 0.5~0.8N
    Stroke of the Hammer 75±0.3mm
    Anvil Rate Rebound Gauge 80±2
    Operataing Temperature -10℃~40℃
    Weight 2kg

    Q1: How accurate are rebound hammer tests?
    A1: Rebound hammer tests provide a quick and convenient way to assess the relative hardness or strength of concrete. However, the accuracy of the test results can be affected by various factors such as surface roughness, moisture content, and the presence of aggregates. It is essential to follow standardized testing procedures and interpret the results cautiously.

    Q2: Is calibration necessary for rebound hammers?
    A2: Yes, regular calibration of rebound hammers is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. Calibration should be performed according to manufacturer guidelines or industry standards to maintain the instrument's performance over time.

    Q3: Can rebound hammer testing be performed on all types of concrete?
    A3: Rebound hammer testing is suitable for assessing the hardness or strength of most types of concrete, including normal concrete, lightweight concrete, and high-strength concrete. However, special considerations may be required for highly porous or heavily reinforced concrete structures.

    Tips: Can the Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester be used on all types of concrete?

    While the Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester can be used on a wide range of concrete surfaces, there are certain conditions and limitations to be aware of:

    • Surface Condition: The tester is best suited for smooth, uniform surfaces. Rough, textured, or uneven surfaces can affect the rebound measurement, leading to inaccurate results.
    • Aggregate Size: Large aggregates near the surface can influence the rebound number. Concrete with a high proportion of large aggregates or exposed aggregate surfaces may yield inconsistent readings.
    • Moisture Content: The moisture condition of the concrete significantly impacts the rebound number. Saturated or very wet concrete surfaces can lead to lower rebound numbers, while very dry surfaces may produce higher numbers.

    While the Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester is versatile and useful for a broad range of applications, it is crucial to consider these factors for accurate and reliable results. For special cases or when high precision is required, additional or complementary testing methods may be necessary.


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    Finnegan | 5/27/2024 11:10 PM
    Efficient and Cost-Effective Rebound Hammer
    I was looking for a cost-effective solution for concrete testing, and this rebound hammer tester exceeded my expectations. Despite its affordable price, it doesn't compromise on quality.