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    Digital Concrete Test Hammer

    High-accuracy digital concrete test hammer with a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa, which has a 2.2 inches color display, which can provide accurate and reliable readings. The digital Schmidt hammer has the advantages of high testing accuracy, easy operation, and ultra-low power consumption.
    SKU: SISCO-RH-255D
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    Digital Rebound Hammer, 10-60 MPa

    Digital Rebound Hammer, 10-60 MPa

    Affordable digital rebound hammer with a strength range of 10-60 MPa. The digital concrete hammer tester uses a digital sensor to measure the rebound distance and converts the results into a digital display for easy reading.

    Buy a cost-effective digital concrete test hammer online, the digital Swiss hammer has a strength measurement range of 10-60 MPa. The concrete rebound hammer is suitable for use in diverse construction environments, from building sites to infrastructure projects.


    • Digital Display: The test hammer is equipped with a digital display that provides instant readings of rebound values, making it easy to interpret test results.
    • High Accuracy: Utilizing advanced digital technology, the test hammer offers high accuracy in assessing concrete compressive strength.
    • Portable Design: With its compact and lightweight design, the test hammer is portable and convenient for on-site testing in various locations.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The test hammer features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, allowing for easy operation by both experienced professionals and novices.
    Digital concrete test hammer detail

    Automatic voice broadcast

    • The test results can be reported immediately by voice
    • To detect noisy scenes, you can also connect external headphones
    Digital concrete test hammer detail

    Support data export, easily export inspection reports

    • High-definition color screen display, automatically displays average value, intensity, and rebound value after detection
    • Import the USB connection into the computer, which is more convenient to use and not easy to lose.
    • Data viewing, real-time display

    Dimension Unit (mm)

    Digital rebound hammer tester dimension


    Rebound hammers find extensive applications in the construction and engineering industries for evaluating the quality, strength, and integrity of concrete structures. Some of the key applications include building inspection, project acceptance, cement plant inspection and highway bridge inspection.


    Project Acceptance


    Cement Plant Inspection

    Cement mortar

    Highway Bridge Inspection

    Building Inspection



    Model SISCO-RH-HD225D
    Strength Measurement Range 10-60 MPa
    Nominal Energy 2.207J
    Spring Stiffness 785±40N/m
    Volume 60mm* 280mm
    Stroke of the Hammer 75mm
    Consistency of Values ≤ 0.5 difference between the pointer reading of the mechanical rebound meter and the screen reading of the instrument
    Anvil Rate Rebound Gauge 80±2
    Sensor Life >200,000 cycles
    Weight 2kg

    Q1: How accurate are rebound hammer tests?
    A1: Rebound hammer tests provide a quick and convenient way to assess the relative hardness or strength of concrete. However, the accuracy of the test results can be affected by various factors such as surface roughness, moisture content, and the presence of aggregates. It is essential to follow standardized testing procedures and interpret the results cautiously.

    Q2: Is calibration necessary for rebound hammers?
    A2: Yes, regular calibration of rebound hammers is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. Calibration should be performed according to manufacturer guidelines or industry standards to maintain the instrument's performance over time.

    Q3: Can rebound hammer testing be performed on all types of concrete?
    A3: Rebound hammer testing is suitable for assessing the hardness or strength of most types of concrete, including normal concrete, lightweight concrete, and high-strength concrete. However, special considerations may be required for highly porous or heavily reinforced concrete structures.

    Tips: What is the use of digital concrete test hammer?

    A Digital Concrete Test Hammer is used to determine the compressive strength of concrete by measuring the rebound of a spring-loaded mass impacting the surface of the concrete with continuous automatic recording of all parameters, registering and processing data, and then transferring them to a PC.


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    Sparky | 4/19/2024 2:22 AM
    Very useful tester
    I used this rebound hammer tester to test the hardness of my freshly poured slab. I can say it is simple and anyone can use it.