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    Electronic Kitchen Scale, 5kg/10kg

    Buy a multifunctional electronic kitchen scale with 1g to 5kg/10kg capacity. Digital food scale provides supports g/lb/oz/ml conversions and one-click peeling and zero clearing function to meet the weighing needs of various materials. Stainless steel kitchen scale is widely used in health institutions, daily households, restaurants and other fields.
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    Get a kitchen scale for weighing food online. It is an electronic kitchen scale with a 1g to 5kg/10kg capacity. sisco waterproof kitchen scale supports g/lb/oz/ml unit conversions and one-click peeling and zero clearing function, used for baking jewelry medicine, seasoning, hardware and the chemical industry.

    Kitchen scale

    Electronic kitchen scale is available with 1g to 5kg/10kg capacity.

    • <Stainless Steel Design> Electronic kitchen scale with a steel stainless design, waterproof, anti-oil stain, anti-rust and convenient to clean.
    • <LCD display> The LCD bright screen shows that you can clearly see when and where. High capacity lithium battery USB fast charging and long standby time.
    • <Accurate Measurement> Electronic kitchen scale with one-click peeling and zero clearing function can continuously weigh.
    Kitchen food scale

    Kitchen scale supports different unit conversions (g/lb/oz/ml).

    • <Unit conversion> It adopts a single point high precision sensor, weighing speed, faster, more stable and more accurate. sisco kitchen scale supports free switching of g/lb/oz/ml units to meet the weighing needs of various materials. Four corners are non-slip design and can be fixed on the desktop.
    • <Multifunctional> Not just for home use, digital kitchen scale is also used for baking jewelry medicine, seasoning, hardware and the chemical industry. Whether it's life or work, meet everything you want DIY production.


    sisco electronic kitchen scale can weigh food or other things in daily life. Not just for home use, digital kitchen scales are also used in baking, jewelry, medicine, condiments, hardware and chemical industries. It is an essential food weighing tool in the home kitchen.

    Kitchen scale applications

    Product Model SISCO-KS-2012
    Material ABS case + stainless steel wire drawing weighing pan
    Pan Size 10x10cm
    Body Size 18x14x1.8cm
    Capacity 5kg/10kg
    Unit g/lb/oz/ml
    Power Supply USB Charging, 2*AAA battery
    Display LCD display
    Function Tare, zero return, automatic shutdown
    Backlight Blue light
    Color Silver scale surface + white base

    Q1: What is a kitchen scale?
    A1: A kitchen scale is a tool used to accurately measure the weight of food ingredients used in cooking. Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scales may also use toughened glass because toughened glass is easy to clean, so it is generally used as the tray part of the kitchen scale.

    Q2: How do kitchen scales work?
    A2: Like ordinary scales, kitchen scales also use electronic sensing or spring expansion to determine mass. In comparison, the accuracy of electronic sensing will be higher than that of spring measurement.

    Q3: How to use the kitchen scale?

    1. Determine the type of kitchen scale you want to use. Some people prefer to buy a digital scale because it provides precise measurements.
    2. Read the instruction manual that comes with the kitchen scale. Reading the instructions will help you understand the specific functions of your kitchen scale.
    3. Reset the kitchen scale to zero, and then measure.
    4. Weighing bowl or container for storing the food you weigh. You need to know the weight of the container so you can subtract it when adding food to it.
    5. Place the food portion in the container on the kitchen scale to get the correct reading.

    Tips for using a kitchen scale

    • Please do not put the kitchen scale on the carpet or soft material when using it.
    • Do not immerse the kitchen scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaners.
    • Clean the plastic parts of your kitchen scale immediately after getting oil, spicy ingredients, vinegar, or other irritating substances.

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    Nicholas | 3/24/2023 2:18 AM
    This kitchen scale is ideal for bakers
    I have been using this kitchen scale for a few months now and I am very impressed with its durability and accuracy. This kitchen scale is easy to clean and store, which is a huge advantage.
    Olivia | 3/6/2023 12:54 AM
    Love it so much
    The small digital kitchen scale takes up very little counter space, making it perfect for someone like me with a small kitchen. I love it so much.
    Elizabeth | 3/5/2023 11:10 PM
    Would recommend it
    I bought it for my grandma. The easy-to-read display on this electronic kitchen scale is a great feature. This is especially helpful for people with poor eyesight or who use large bowls or containers. My grandma loved it!