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    Moisture Temperature Meter

    Temperature humidity meter with affordable price for sale online. Strong anti-interference performance and light weight of this humidity & temperature meter. Digital temperature and humidity meter is widely used in machine room, production workshop and construction site.
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    A temperature and humidity meter, also known as a hygrometer or thermo-hygrometer, is a device used to measure both the temperature and humidity levels in the surrounding environment. The temperature is usually displayed in Celsius (ยฐC) or Fahrenheit (ยฐF) units on the deviceโ€™s screen.


    1. Able to measure humidity, temperature and wet bulb temperature.
    2. Adopt digital signal sensing technology, good measurement repeatability, fast response and high sensitivity.
    3. Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the somber conditions.
    Moisture temperature meter detail one

    LCD display/Operation area

    • Moisture temperature meter with a backlight LCD technology clear display, and low power consumption.
    • Microprocessor control, moisture tester built-in program automatic protection measures, good stability.
    Moisture temperature meter detail two

    Power Supply/Precision Probe

    • The power supply of the moisture detector is equipped with 4 No.7 batteries.
    • Wide working range, probe type sensor can be used for in-depth measurement of materials.


    The moisture meter, also known as the moisture detector, is an instrument that can quickly measure the moisture content. It is used for the moisture control of raw materials, production process, laboratory final quality control and other links in various industries such as machine room, supermarket, production workshop and construction site.

    Moisture temperature meter application

    Model HM580
    Display 45 mm dispaly
    Parameters Measured humidity and temp, wet bulb temp
    R.H Range 5-98%
    R.H Resolution 0.1 RH%
    R.H Accuracy 2.5 RH%
    Temp Range -40 โ„ƒ~60 โ„ƒ
    Temp Resolution 0.1 โ„ƒ / 0.1 โ„‰
    Temp Accuracy 0.4 โ„ƒ
    Wet Bulb Temp Range -20 โ„ƒ~60 โ„ƒ
    Wet Bulb Temp Resolution 0.1โ„ƒ / 0.1โ„‰
    Wet Bulb Temp Accuracy 0.4 โ„ƒ
    Sampling Time less than 0.5s
    Power Supply 4x1.5 AAA size (UM-4) battery
    Dimension main unit: 185 mmร—70 mmร—30 mm
    Weight 125g (not including batteries)

    Q1: How does a moisture meter work?
    A1: The portable moisture detector is composed of a capacitance sensor, C/V conversion circuit, A/D converter and LCD digital display circuit. After the capacitance sensor is scooped into the tested grain, the medium is a variety of different grains tested. Since the dielectric constant of water is much larger than that of general substances, a small change in the measured grain water content will cause a large change in the capacitance of the sensor. Through the C/V conversion circuit and A/D converter, the LCD digital circuit directly shows the percentage of the measured grain water content.

    Q2: What are the types of moisture meters?
    A2: A moisture meter (moisture tester) ย is a measuring instrument for moisture content that can quickly determine the moisture content of a substance. Commonly used moisture meters include chemical moisture meters, paper moisture meters, infrared moisture meters, grain moisture meters, building materials moisture meters, mortar moisture meters, crack moisture meters, soil moisture meters and wood moisture meters.

    Q3: Why need a moisture meter?
    A3: A moisture meter is essential for measuring the moisture content of materials, especially in fields like agriculture, construction, and woodworking. It helps prevent issues like mold, decay, and structural damage by ensuring optimal moisture levels. In agriculture, it aids in determining the right time for planting and harvesting. For construction, it prevents damage due to excessive moisture in building materials. In woodworking, it prevents warping or cracking of finished products. By providing quick and accurate moisture readings, moisture meters enable informed decisions, efficient processes, and the preservation of quality and safety across various industries.

    Tips: What is a temperature humidity meter?

    A temperature humidity meter, often referred to as a hygrometer or a thermo-hygrometer, is a compact device designed to measure and display the levels of temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. It provides real-time readings, enabling users to monitor variations in atmospheric conditions. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, while humidity is expressed as a percentage of the air's moisture content. These meters find extensive applications in various fields, including indoor climate control, weather forecasting, industrial processes, agriculture, and research settings. They play a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions for comfort, health, and performance, as well as in preventing issues like mold growth, equipment damage, or material deterioration caused by excessive moisture. Temperature humidity meters come in various forms, ranging from basic analog devices to advanced digital models with data logging and connectivity features.


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    Finley | 9/19/2023 7:49 PM
    The operation is very simple and easy to use
    As an agriculturalist, I was looking for a reliable moisture thermometer to accurately measure the moisture content and temperature of the soil when growing crops and managing farmland. It's very simple to operate and easy to use, even for the less tech-savvy. Simply insert the probe into the soil, press the button, and you get instant moisture and temperature readings. This greatly facilitates my work and saves time and effort. This product has met my expectations.