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Digital Sound Level Meter, 17 to 132 dB

Highly accurate handheld digital sound level meter, measuring noise range 17 to 132 dB, frequency range 10 Hz to 20 kHz, decibel meter can help identify and evaluate noise sources to reduce and protect hearing.
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Precision digital sound level meter with RS-232 digital output interface for remote measurement, measuring range 17 to 132dB, suitable for noise levels in factories, buildings and other working environments.

Sound meter panel display

Digital Signal Processing Technology

  • The sound decibel meter meets Class 1 standards.
  • Advanced digital detection technology, good stability and wide dynamic range.
Sound meter details

Overload indication function

  • Overload indication, over the measurement range automatically prompt, a digital sound level meter is not damaged.
  • Single range, wide dynamic range, no need to switch, simple and convenient operation.


The digital sound level meter can be widely used in various machines, vehicles, ships, electrical appliances and other industrial noise measurement and environmental noise measurement, suitable for factory enterprises, architectural design, environmental protection, labor and health, transportation, teaching, medical and health, scientific research and other departments of the sound test field.

Sound level meter applications

Model SISCO-AWA-5661-1B
Microphone Model AWA14411
Measuring Range 17 dB(A)~132 dB(A)
Spontaneous Noise <10 dB(A)
Frequency Range 10 Hz~20 kHz
Frequency Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z for each channel
Time Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak for each channel
Monitor 128×64 LED dot matrix
Output Interface AC, DC, RS232, PWM
Points Function No
Main Measurement Index Lp, Lmax, Lpeak
Overrun Indication The limit can be set
Data Storage Function No
Recording Function No
Statistical Analysis Function No
Power Supply 4 (7#) alkaline batteries, can work continuously for more than 6 hours; lithium battery (optional): After fully charged, it can work continuously for more than 16 hours
5 V external power supply: DC5 V~DC6.5 V, working current <120 mA
Dimension 190mm x 68mm x 27mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Operating Temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃
Warranty 12 Months
Dimension 220mm x 68mm x 27mm

Q1: What is a noise detector?
A1:  Noise tester is an instrument used for noise detection and testing in public places such as work sites and squares. Factory noise monitoring Noise pollution is one of the environmental pollutions that have a greater impact. Higher decibel noise can even cause serious damage to people's eardrums and cause deafness. The application of the noise tester can provide the decibel that the noise reaches in order to take relevant measures to control and reduce the noise. The measurement unit of the sound level is decibels. The professional noise tester has a highly sensitive sensor, high accuracy, and a wide range of applications. It can be widely used for noise measurement in various environments. Sound level measuring instrument, collectively referred to as sound level meter.

Q2: Sound level meter working principle
A2: The sound level meter uses a microphone to convert the sound into an electrical signal, and then a preamplifier converts the impedance to match the microphone with the attenuator. The amplifier adds the output signal to the weighting network, performs frequency weighting on the signal (or an external filter), and then amplifies the signal to a certain amplitude through the attenuator and amplifier, and sends it to the effective value detector (or external press Level recorder), give the value of the noise level on the indicator head.

Q3: How big is the decibel scale?
A3: Sound is measured in decibels (dB). Whispering is about 30 decibels, normal conversation is about 60 decibels, and motorcycle engines run at about 95 decibels. Noise above 70 decibels for long periods of time may begin to damage your hearing. Loud noises above 120 dB can cause immediate damage to your ears.

Tips: What is the reason for the poor sound response of the burst sound level meter?

The sounds response of the burst sound level meter is caused by improper testing. For example, if the indication value does not drop during slow weighting and the test is started, the LASmax value will be too high. It is recommended to wait for 10s to restart the test.


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Marcelo | 3/20/2023 2:13 AM
High accuracy digital sound level meter
The handheld digital sound level meter is easy to use, seems very accurate, and for my needs, this sound level meter did the job for a good price. I will order more and recommend it to my friends!
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