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    5m (16 ft) Steel Measuring Tape

    High-accuracy steel tape measure perfect for sales, with a 5m (16 ft) measuring range, a 16mm wide tape blade. Stainless steel components make the tape measure strong, restless, and more durable.
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    Lower cost easy read measure tape with 2m (6.50 ft) measuring range, the tape blade width 13mm, the longest horizontal length is 1.1m, and the longest vertical length is 1.5m. The measuring tape is easy to read, which can be a temporary lock, making it quick and easy to get an exact measurement.

    Measuring tape detail

    Good material makes it more durable

    • Using SK85 steel, the number of ruler springs is large, durable and not deformed,
    • The pulling is smooth and powerful
    Detail of steel measuring tape

    0 position auxiliary movement claw

    • When the front end bears against the claws for measurement, the claws will move back a small amount after resisting.
    • When the claw hook is hooked to the front end for measurement, the claw will move forward a small amount after hooking.


    SISCO steel measuring tape is a flexible ruler used to measure distance. It consists of a metal blade with linear measurement. Steel tape can give you accurate results at any temperature. Steel measuring tapes are widely used in is widely used in the furniture, construction, and decoration industries.

    Measuring tape application

    • Model: ATO-1001-0287
    • Measuring Range: 5m (16 ft)
    • Tape Blade Width: 16mm
    • The longest horizontal length: 1.4m
    • The longest vertical length: 2.2m
    • Material: SK85 steel
    • Weight: 173g
    • Application: Measuring tool for engineering construction, household use


    Dimension of 5m measuring tape


    Q1: What is a steel measuring tape?
    A steel measuring tape is a flexible ruler used to measure distance. It consists of a metal blade with linear measurement. Steel tape can give you accurate results at any temperature, and it's designed to withstand more wear and tear than fiberglass tape.

    Q2: What is the advantage of a steel tape measure?
    A2: Measuring tapes can be used for a wide variety of measurement needs in surveying, engineering, construction and more. Steel measuring tapes are popular for their durability. They are often used by professionals and anyone who needs a rugged tool. Furthermore, they are common for smaller tapes due to their rigidity.

    Q3: How accurate is a steel tape measure?
    A3: This amounts to 0.000645 foot or 0.00774 inch per degree F. on a 100-foot tape, and one-half as much on a 50-foot tape. As a figure that is reasonably accurate and also easy to handle, it is customary on very long runs of pipe to allow 1/10” per 100 feet for each 10° change.

    Tips: Why is the hook of the steel tape measure movable?

    • The ruler hook is designed to be loose mainly because the tape measure can measure two types of sizes: outer size and inner size. In order to make the measurement accurate and convenient, the head is designed to be loose.
    • The thickness of the ruler hook is 1mm. Carefully find that the scale of the first 10mm of the steel tape is only 9mm. When measuring the outer size, the ruler hook is tightened. At this time, 9mm itself + 1mm pulled out (excluding the ruler hook) = 10mm . When measuring the inner size, the hook of the ruler is against the object to be measured, at this time, 9mm of itself + 1mm of the thickness of the hook body = 10mm.

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