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    Clamp on Current Transformer, 50A AC/DC

    High precision AC/DC clamp-on current transformer measuring range of 0mA~50A, output mode 10mV/1A or 100mV/1A (manual shift), output interface optional BNC plug/4.0mm double banana plug 3.5mm audio plug/bare wire tap, applies to power metering system, high speed rail system and automobile circuit overhaul.
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    The clamp-on current transformer can not only be connected to a multimeter but also be used as an oscilloscope current probe, the range, output signal, and output interface can be customized, Clip on current transformer is broadly used in electric power, communications, meteorology, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields.

    50A AC DC clamp current transformer

    Clamp-on current transformer makes field testing easy

    • Non-contact measurement, easy, fast, and safe operation.
    • Thin jaws, suitable for small spaces.
    • The sisco clamp current transformer uses a permalloy core for stable performance and high accuracy, and is highly resistant to interference, making it suitable for complex interference environments.
    • The range, ratio, and output interface of the sensor can be customized according to customer requirements.
    • Output connector: φ3.5mm audio plug/BNC plug/4.0mm double banana plug (optional), cable length 1.5m.


    High-precision clip-on current transformers is an indispensable accessories for small, medium, and large electronic companies. The sisco clamp-on current transformer is suitable for use in power equipment testing, communications and telecommunications, railway and oilfield monitoring, building and construction companies, research and teaching units, industrial and mining records, and other fields.  

    Clamp-on current transformer applications

    Model SISCO-ETCR007AD
    Power 9VDC 6F22
    Range 0.0A~ 50A AC/DC
    Resolution AC/DC: 1mA
    Accuracy Grade ±3.0%
    Phase Error ≤3°
    Output Method Inductive current output
    Zeroing Method ZERO key to clear the zero
    CT Size φ7mm
    Mass 170g
    Output Interface BNC plug/4.0mm double banana plug/3.5mm audio plug/bare wire tap (optional), wire length 1.5m
    Operating Frequency DC~400Hz
    CT Structure Clamp
    Dielectric Strength AC 3700V/rms (between core and shell)
    Safety Level CATI600V
    Output Mode Induction Current Output
    Operating Temperature and Humidity -15°C ~ 50°C ; 80%rh or less
    Dimension 224mm (L)x 115mm (W) x 43mm (H)

    Dimension Unit (mm)

    50A AC DC clamp current transformer dimension


    50A AC DC clamp current transformer details

    Output interface (optional)

    Clamp current transformer output interface


    Q1: What is a clamp-on current transformer?
    A1: Clamp-type current transformer is a kind of detection device, that can feel the information of the measured current, and can detect the felt information. Clamp AC transformers according to a certain law into a certain standard need to meet the electrical signal or other required forms of information output, in order to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording, and control. For example, switching power supply, hard switch, soft switch, etc.

    Q2: What equipment can be used with a clamp-on current transformer?
    A2: Clamp-on current transformers can be used with multimeters (mA level current grade), oscilloscopes, and other instruments, and clamp-on AC transformers can also be used as current probes.

    Q3: What are the advantages of sisco clamp-on current transformer?
    A3: sisco clamp-on current transformer is a precision current transformer, which is specially designed for power field measurement and metering use characteristics. The clamp-on current transformer is made of high permeability material, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, etc. When using the clamp-on current transformer can be directly clamped on the bus bar or bus bar without cutting off the line power outage its use is very convenient.

    Tips: How do I connect an oscilloscope to the AC DC clamp on current Transformer?

    The default BCN plug can be directly connected to the oscilloscope because the output is a voltage signal, you can directly access the oscilloscope to observe the current curve, but also through the oscilloscope to display the effective voltage value, and then according to the corresponding current to voltage ratio, converted to the real current value.


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