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    Moisture Meter for Corrugated Box

    The digital handheld moisture meter has a humidity measurement range of 1% to 40% and is capable of detecting moisture levels in corrugated paper, newsprint, carton paper, and kraft paper. The sisco pinless moisture tester features a large LCD, providing clear and unbiased readings with a resolution of 1%, ensuring that your packaging meets strict quality standards.
    SKU: SISCO-MM-7822E
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    The digital handheld moisture meter features a humidity measurement range from 1% to 40%. With its large LCD display screen, it ensures clear and accurate readings, free from discrepancies. Equipped with highly sensitive sensors, this device provides precise moisture detection, making it ideal for a variety of materials including corrugated paper, newsprint, cardboard, and kraft paper.

    Pinless moisture meter

    Responsive and wide measurement range

    • A large LCD ensures clear readings with no parallax.
    • Phenolic resin high-precision humidity sensor boasts a sensitive response and a wide measurement range, suitable for testing the moisture content of various materials.
    • The corrugated box moisture meter is easy to operate, select the corresponding gear and lightly press the sensor on the surface of the object to accurately measure the moisture content.
    • SISCO-MM-7822E moisture meter is equipped with a highly sensitive humidity sensor, capable of accurately detecting changes in environmental temperature and humidity.
    • Adjust the zero adjustment potentiometer to synchronize the instrument with the environment for more precise measurements.
    Pinless moisture meter details

    Temperature automatic compensation

    • The handheld moisture machine features low-voltage automatic prompting function.
    • Pinless paper moisture meter adopts microcomputer technology to make measurements more precise.
    • Temperature automatic compensation effectively reduces the impact of temperature drift on measurement accuracy.
    • The portable moisture machine utilizes high-quality electronic components, with the outer casing made of lightweight and sturdy ABS plastic, featuring an attractive and durable appearance.


    The SISCO-MM-7822 moisture meter is indispensable for assessing moisture content in various paper products, ensuring their quality and longevity. Whether dealing with parchment paper, newsprint, corrugated cardboard, or paperboard, maintaining optimal moisture levels is crucial to prevent degradation, mold growth, and mechanical weaknesses.

    Moisture meter for carton paper

    Carton Paper

    moisture meter for newsprint


    moisture meter for paper towels

    Printing Paper

    moisture meter for corrugated paper

    Corrugated Paper



    Model SISCO-MM-7822E
    Size Main unit: 165x58x33mm
    Display 3-digit 17mm oversized LCD
    Resolution 1%
    Moisture Measurement Range 1% - 40%
    Instrumental Error ± (1%Rh+1)
    Weight Main unit: 90g (excluding battery) 
    Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C
    Operating Humidity 0-70% RH
    Gear Gear 1: Leather Bran Paper
    Gear 2: News Print
    Gear 3: Corrugated Paper, Carton paper
    Gear 4: Tissue

    Q1: What is the ideal moisture content for corrugated boxes?
    A1: The ideal moisture content for corrugated boxes typically falls within the range of 8% to 12%. This level ensures optimal strength and durability while preventing issues like warping, mold growth, and compromised structural integrity. sisco moisture meter helps accurately measure moisture levels, allowing you to maintain quality control and ensure your corrugated boxes meet industry standards.

    Q2: How does moisture affect the quality of corrugated boxes?
    A2: Excessive moisture in corrugated boxes can lead to a range of problems, including decreased strength, reduced printability, and increased susceptibility to damage during storage and transportation. Conversely, insufficient moisture can result in brittleness, making boxes prone to cracking and tearing. Our moisture meter enables you to monitor moisture levels precisely, allowing for timely adjustments in production processes to maintain consistent quality.

    Q3: Can the moisture meter be used for other materials besides corrugated boxes?
    A3: While the SISCO-MM-7821E moisture meter is specifically designed for corrugated boxes, it can also be utilized for assessing moisture levels in various other materials such as paperboard, cardboard, wood, and textiles. Its versatile functionality makes it a valuable tool for industries ranging from packaging to woodworking and beyond. However, it's essential to calibrate the device accordingly for accurate readings based on the material being tested.

    Tips: Is the moisture meter easy to use, and does it require calibration?

    Our moisture meter is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive controls and a clear display for easy operation. Calibration is a crucial aspect of ensuring accurate moisture readings, and our device comes with straightforward calibration procedures outlined in the user manual. Additionally, periodic recalibration may be necessary to maintain accuracy over time, especially if environmental conditions or usage patterns change. We provide comprehensive support to guide you through the calibration process and address any concerns you may have.


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    Silas | 4/2/2024 6:24 PM
    Cost-saving paper moisture meter
    I purchased a sisco moisture detector to measure the humidity of corrugated paper, and it works as described, saving me a lot of money.