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    Digital Moisture Meter for Wood

    Discover the moisture content of wood quickly and accurately with sisco Digital Moisture Meter. This handy device provides precise readings, allowing you to determine the moisture level of wood before working on your projects. With its compact design and easy-to-read display, it's the perfect tool for carpenters, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts alike.
    SKU: SISCO-MM-7821S
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    High precision wood moisture tester measuring range 1-90%, 3-digit 17mm oversized LCD. Portable digital wood moisture tester is commonly use to determine the moisture content of lumber, hardwood, and softwood to ensure proper drying and prevent warping, splitting, or cracking during processing.


    1. Using microcomputer technology to achieve more precise measurements.
    2. Automatic temperature compensation to effectively reduce the impact of temperature drift on measurement accuracy.
    3. Large LCD display screen to ensure clear readings with no parallax.
    4. Low voltage automatic prompt function.
    5. The entire unit is equipped with high-quality electronic components, and the shell is made of lightweight and sturdy ABS plastic, which is aesthetically pleasing and durable.
    Pinless moisture meter

    High Precision Sensor/ LCD Display

    • Phenolic resin high-precision moisture meter, with sensitive response and wide measurement range, suitable for testing the moisture content of various materials.
    • High-definition, oversized, low-power LCD display screen, aesthetically pleasing, generous, and convenient to use.
    Pinless moisture meter details

    Simple Operation Method

    • Select the corresponding gear, then simply lightly press the sensor against the surface of the object to accurately measure the moisture content.
    • Adjust the zeroing potentiometer to synchronize the concrete moisture tester with the environment, ensuring more precise measurements.


    The wood moisture meter, also known as the wood moisture detector, is an instrument that can quickly measure the moisture content. Digital wood moisture meters can measure the moisture content of various wood species, including hardwoods, softwoods, engineered wood products like plywood and MDF, and wood-based materials such as particleboard and fiberboard.











    Model SISCO-MM-7821S
    Size Main unit: 165x58x33mm
    Display 3-digit 17mm oversized LCD
    Resolution 1%
    Moisture Measurement Range 1% - 90% (Density range: 0.3 - 10 g/cm³)
    Instrumental Error ± (1%Rh+1)
    Weight Main unit: 90g (excluding battery) 
    Operating Environment Temperature: -10°C to 60°C; Humidity: 0-70% RH
    Detection Depth 0 - 50mm
    Gear Gear 1: 0.81-1.00g /cm³
    Gear 2: 0.61-0.80g /cm³
    Gear 3: 0.50-0.60g /cm³
    Gear 4: 0.30-0.49g /cm³

    Q1: What are the benefits of using a digital moisture meter over traditional methods? 
    A1: Digital moisture meters offer quick, accurate, and non-destructive measurements, unlike traditional methods such as oven drying or chemical tests, which can be time-consuming and may damage the wood. They also allow for on-the-spot readings, enabling immediate adjustments in woodworking processes.

    Q2: How do I interpret moisture meter readings?
    A2: Moisture meter readings are typically displayed as a percentage of moisture content. Ideal moisture levels vary depending on the wood species and its intended use. Reference tables or charts provided by the sisco can help interpret readings and determine whether the wood is too dry, too wet, or within an acceptable range.

    Q3: Can digital moisture meters be used for other materials besides wood? 
    A3: While digital moisture meters are primarily designed for wood, some models offer settings or accessories for measuring moisture in other materials such as drywall, concrete, and carpet.

    Tips: How to maintain a digital moisture meter?

    To ensure accurate readings, keep the meter's sensors clean and free from debris. Store the meter in a dry environment when not in use and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for battery replacement and recalibration as needed.


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