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    Digital Pinless Moisture Meter for Concrete

    Pinless moisture meters are mainly used to measure the moisture content of building materials such as walls and structures, employing electromagnetic wave scanning technology. By scanning the material with electromagnetic waves, it instantly displays the moisture content within the wood, reflecting the internal moisture level of the material without causing any surface damage to the measured object.
    SKU: SISCO-MM-7822S
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    Pinless high precision concrete moisture tester measuring range 1-40%, 3-digit 17mm oversized LCD. Portable concrete moisture tester is commonly used to measure the moisture content of building materials such as marble, concrete, and gypsum.


    1. Using microcomputer technology to achieve more precise measurements.
    2. Automatic temperature compensation to effectively reduce the impact of temperature drift on measurement accuracy.
    3. Large LCD display screen to ensure clear readings with no parallax.
    4. Low voltage automatic prompt function.
    5. The entire unit is equipped with high-quality electronic components, and the shell is made of lightweight and sturdy ABS plastic, which is aesthetically pleasing and durable.
    Pinless moisture meter

    High Precision Sensor/ LCD Display

    • Phenolic resin high-precision moisture meter, with sensitive response and wide measurement range, suitable for testing the moisture content of various materials.
    • High-definition, oversized, low-power LCD display screen, aesthetically pleasing, generous, and convenient to use.
    Pinless moisture meter details

    Simple Operation Method

    • Select the corresponding gear, then simply lightly press the sensor against the surface of the object to accurately measure the moisture content.
    • Adjust the zeroing potentiometer to synchronize the concrete moisture tester with the environment, ensuring more precise measurements.


    The moisture meter, also known as the moisture detector, is an instrument that can quickly measure the moisture content. It is used for the moisture control of raw materials, production process, laboratory final quality control and other links in various industries such as marble, chemical, plastic, brickwork and cement mortar.





    Cement mortar

    Cement Mortar



    Model SISCO-MM-7822S
    Size Main unit: 165x58x33mm
    Display 3-digit 17mm oversized LCD
    Resolution 1%
    Moisture Measurement Range 1% - 40%
    Instrumental Error ± (1%Rh+1)
    Weight Main unit: 90g (excluding battery) 
    Operating Environment Temperature: -10°C to 60°C; Humidity: 0-70% RH
    Gear Gear 1: Marble, Granite
    Gear 2: Cement, Concrete, Plaster
    Gear 3: Brick, Clay Refractory Brick
    Gear 4: Cement Mortar

    Q1: What are the advantages of using a pinless moisture meter for concrete?
    A1: Pinless moisture meters offer non-destructive testing, allowing users to assess moisture levels without damaging the surface of the concrete. They are also quick and easy to use, providing instant moisture readings without the need for drilling holes.

    Q2: Are pinless moisture meters suitable for all types of concrete?
    A2: Pinless moisture meters are generally suitable for most types of concrete, including floors, walls, and ceilings. However, factors such as thickness, density, and surface finish can affect the accuracy of the readings.

    Q3: Are there any limitations or factors that can affect the accuracy of moisture meters for concrete? 
    A3: Yes, factors such as temperature, humidity, surface finish, and the presence of rebar or other metal objects can affect the accuracy of moisture meters. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consider these factors when using the meter.

    Tips: Moisture meter working principle

    Pinless moisture meters emit electromagnetic waves into the concrete slab and measure the reflection or absorption of these waves to determine the moisture content. The meter then displays the moisture levels on a screen for easy reading.


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