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    Network Cable Tester for Lan Phone, RJ45/RJ11

    The network lan cable tester is powered by 9V DC and is designed to test twisted pair cables, video cables, telephone cables and common metal cables. The receiver has a headphone jack on the side for use in noisy situations or when the sound is weak over long distances. sisco network cable tester is the ideal tool for network technicians dealing with large and complex networks.
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    Network cable tracer for lan phone, RJ45 and RJ11, with a cable length range of 1000m. The network cable tester is designed to test ethernet cables and identify any faults such as continuity errors, short circuits or open circuits.

    RJ411 network cable lan tester
    • Transmitter: Alligator clips for open and short circuit testing.
    • Low voltage/indication function: When the 9V battery is below 6.5V, the scanning light and the line sequence light on the transmitter flash alternately to indicate a low battery level.
    • Illumination function: Convenient for normal operation in dark environments, with "OFF/ON" light switch on the side of the receiver.
    • Headphone function: Convenient for use in noisy or long-distance line finding when the sound is weak, there is a small round hole on the side of the receiver for the headphone jack.
    • Adjustable volume function: convenient to find the target line by the volume level when multiple lines are closely connected on the switch, router or accessory shelf, the volume adjustment switch is located on the right side of the receiver.
    • Voltage resistant function: Prevents burnout of the cable search and pairing.
    • G light function: network cable shield light, if it is a shielded cable, G light will flash, G light The function is to see if the shield is connected.


    The network cable tester is an essential tool used in the field of network and data communication systems. It is primarily used to test the continuity, connectivity, and performance of network cables and wiring. A network cable tester is commonly used in different industries, including IT, telecommunications, security systems, and home automation. 

    Network cable tester applicaion

    Model SISCO-NCT-NF811
    Power Supply DC 9V Battery
    Transmitter Working Current ≤30mA
    Receiver  Working Current ≤80mA
    Signal Output Level 8VP-P
    Testable Wires Twisted pair, video cable, telephone cable, common metal cable
    Testable Cable Ports RJ45 (network cable), RJ11 (telephone cable)
    Testable Cable Length Range 1000m
    Accessory List Transmitter, receiver, battery, earphone, crocodile clip, user manual
    Weight 0.8kg

    Note: SISCO-NTC-811 can only measure the continuity of the network line sequence, but cannot measure the random crossing of network lines.


    Network cable tester details


    Q1: What is a network cable tester?
    A1: A network cable tester is a device used to verify the integrity of network cabling, including Ethernet cables and phone lines. It can identify wiring faults, connectivity issues, and measure cable length.

    Q2: Why do I need a network cable tester?
    A2: A network cable tester is an essential tool for network technicians, IT professionals, and anyone who works with network cabling. It helps to troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately, saving time and money. By using a network cable tester, you can ensure that your network is running smoothly and efficiently.

    Q3: What features do network cable testers need?
    A3: When choosing a network cable tester, it's important to consider the features that will be most useful for your needs. Look for a tester that can detect open, short, and miswired cables, as well as measure cable length. It should have an easy-to-read display and be able to work with different cable types. Some testers also offer additional features, such as tone generation and tracing, which can be useful for more complex networks.

    Tips: How to use the sisco network cable tester?

    1. Plug the telephone/network cable with the crystal tip directly into the cable tester.
    2. Turn the transmitter's function selector switch to the "Seek" position and the Seek indicator will scan The transmitter is working properly.
    3. Press and hold the cable finder button on the receiver and use the receiver's probe to find the desired target cable.
    4. During the test you can touch the function switch to switch between the two audio channels.

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    Evadne | 10/24/2023 2:20 AM
    I recently got my hands on this Network Cable Tester, and I must say it's been quite handy for my needs. The ability to test both RJ45 and RJ11 connections in one device is a real time-saver for me. It means I don't need multiple testers for different types of cables.