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    Power Meter Plug with Digital LCD Display

    The plug power meter has a clear and easy to read LCD display that monitors the power, energy, volts, amps, hertz, power factor, cost, minimum and maximum power of the user's appliances. The energy calculator allows the user to easily understand various parameters by switching between 7 display modes.
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    Digital power meter plug with overload power of 3680W and current display from 0A to 16A. The sisco energy usage monitor is ideal for monitoring the electricity and power consumption of domestic appliances. The LCD power meter plug has a large LCD display with backlight function, which makes it easy to read data even in the dark.

    Plug power meter

    The plug-in power meter offers a sensitive response and clear readings

    • The plug-in power meter is protected against 3680W overload. When the load is exceeded, the LED displays OVERLOAD and buzzes to warn the user.
    • The power meter plug has a large LCD display for clear, stable, and reliable readings.
    • The energy consumption monitor has a safety door to avoid the risk of contact by inserting fingers or small objects.
    • The plug-in power meter is made of new PC flame-retardant material, durable and impact resistant, and passed safety tests.
    • The plug in electric meter has 7 modes of display, produced by intelligent measurement chip, large-scale integrated circuit, stable and reliable.


    A plug-in power meter is a device that can be used to measure the electricity consumption of any electronic device or appliance that is plugged into a power outlet. The sisco plug power meter is suitable for various charging devices, such as refrigerators, mobile phones, iPads, computer heaters, electric blankets, etc.

    Plug power meter applications

    • Model: SISCO-PM-V016
    • Working Voltage: 230 VAC
    • Frequency Display: 50Hz.
    • Operating Current: Max 16A.
    • Wide Voltage Range: 230V~250V
    • Voltage Display Range: 0~9999V
    • Current Display: 0.0A~16.0A.
    • Weight: 80g

    Q1: What is a plug-in power meter?
    A1: A plug-in power meter is a device that can be plugged into an electrical outlet to measure the power consumption of the devices or appliances plugged into the outlet.

    Q2: How accurate are plug-in power meters?
    A2: The accuracy of plug-in power meters can vary depending on the model and the manufacturer, but most modern power meters have a high degree of accuracy, typically within 1-2%.

    Q3: Can plug-in power meters be used with all types of appliances?
    A3: Plug-in power meters can be used with most types of appliances, but some high-powered devices such as air conditioners or electric heaters may exceed the capacity of certain models of power meters, so it's important to check the specifications before use.

    Tips: How does a plug power meter work?

    A plug power meter works by measuring the amount of electricity consumed by an electrical device that is plugged into it. It is plugged into a wall outlet and the device is then plugged into the power meter. The power meter then measures the amount of power consumed by the device and displays it on a digital screen.

    Some advanced plug power meters also allow users to set energy usage targets, monitor energy usage remotely, and integrate with smart home systems. They can also help users identify energy-hogging devices and track their usage patterns over time. Overall, plug power meters are a useful tool for managing and reducing energy consumption in homes and businesses.


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    Peregrine | 11/26/2023 10:29 PM
    Reliable and convenient!
    To better control my energy consumption, I purchased the power meter plug with digital LCD display.The LCD display is very clear and the unit is easy to set up. I appreciate the accuracy of the readings, which help me identify appliances that consume a lot of power and make smart choices to reduce waste.